Day: September 8, 2016

“Playing Dead” by Elizabeth Greenwood

“Playing Dead” by Elizabeth Greenwood c.2016, Simon & Schuster $26.00 / $35.00 Canada 247 pages BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER Your wallet is genuine, original faux-leather from faux-Venezuela. It matches the pleather jacket you love so much and your favorite fake-silk shirt, which you like to wear when you drive the car you bought and can barely afford, but that looks great for appearances. Life is sometimes all about pretending but, in “Playing Dead” by Elizabeth Greenwood, faking your demise isn’t quite as easy. Loaded down with student loans in the six-figures, former teacher Elizabeth Greenwood was desperate: that kind of debt terrified her, and she began to toy with an idea that many consider. Rather than let the owed-money scare her half to death, maybe she could just fake her death instead. But faking a death is so drastic, on expert told her, and it leads to more problems. Instead, just disappear, which is “a very different act…” Faking is fraud; disappearing is easier, often legal, and you can still keep in contact with loved ones (though it won’t erase the debt). Disappearing doesn’t even have to be expensive, the expert said; in fact, the poorer you are, the better. Money, he believes, is one of the main reasons people disappear; the other is violence. Love is an “outlier.” “Faking your death almost never works,” said another expert....

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