Day: August 19, 2016

Small gains, big sacrifices

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes As Keizer’s parks and facilities supervisor, one of Robert Johnson’s most rewarding jobs is planting a tree. “I can plant one and, in seven or eight years, drive by and there is a family...

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Politics is an Olympian endeavor

By E.J. DIONNE JR. Simone Manuel, Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles will not be eligible to run for president until 2032, although Michael Phelps hits 35 years old in 2020. After watching these Olympians display so many traits we...

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Will drama win the debates?

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS The first of three presidential debates won’t happen until Sept. 26. Nearly six weeks beforehand, I safely can make these predictions: Hillary Clinton will show up for all three, as her campaign announced...

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