To the Editor:

Regarding: 97303: Keizer or Salem? Councilor eyes dedicated ZIP code (Keizertimes, Aug. 5):

Really? I mean, really?  Who are the “we” in Councilor Marlene Parsons statement that “we want Keizer to have its own ZIP code?”

Why is she making this non-issue an issue?

Doesn’t Councilor Parsons have something better and more productive to do with her time? This is coming about due to the United States Postal Service (USPS) pulling out an automated stamp machine from the post office? Really?

Will our quality of life improve with a dedicated ZIP code for Keizer?  I think not.

Parsons’ theory claims a dedicated ZIP code will be an additional means of attracting businesses to Keizer. Businesses looking to expand into a community analyze other data than simply relying on the demographics available from ZIP codes.  Parsons thinks the numbers are skewed because the Keizer population is lumped in with northeast Salem. Sounds like there’s a slur in there.  Where’s her data?   Would our property taxes increase if we had a dedicated ZIP code?  Hum, that definitely would not improve my quality of life.

She’s taking up the time of State Rep. Bill Post on this non-issue. They want to take this to the legislature to draft a resolution. The legislature already finds enough things to waste time and money on without taking this on. It still would have to be approved at the federal level. More waste of taxpayer money.  Should this go to the voters?  That definitely will cost a lot of money.

If, after all the effort of time and money, our ZIP code didn’t change and 97303 was dedicated to Keizer, I suppose I could chalk it all up to another typical example of ineffective and wasteful government. On the other hand, if the ZIP code number did change, the time and money spent for Keizer residents and businesses to change address information on advertising, personal and business accounts, etc., will be more than annoying.

Buy your stamps at the bank ATM, Safeway or the North Salem Fred Meyer when you do your other shopping and banking.

Thanks, but no thanks.  Leave me and my 97303 ZIP code alone.

If Parsons is so hung up on having an identifying ZIP code perhaps she should move to 90210 and leave the rest of us alone.

Myke Wabs