Day: August 12, 2016

I’m with her

I’m with her.  Many are willing to define Hillary Clinton as lying, untrustworthy, criminal, etc. Much mud has been slung. Little has stuck. The most common lament is that we must choose the lesser of two evils in this...

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Councilor eyes a dedicated zip code

To the Editor: Regarding: 97303: Keizer or Salem? Councilor eyes dedicated ZIP code (Keizertimes, Aug. 5): Really? I mean, really?  Who are the “we” in Councilor Marlene Parsons statement that “we want Keizer to have its own ZIP...

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Much ado about God bless America

Maybe I don’t get out enough,  but I’d never stumbled across any American newspaper writer who wrote an article to take exception with the use of the phrase, “God bless America.”  Turns out that that enduring expression is not...

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