Day: August 5, 2016

Who are we planning for?

Commercial development in Keizer, especially along its main thoroughfare, River Road, is uneven at best. Undeniably there is new development: the new Starbucks with a drive through; Willamette Valley Appliance (nee Mole’s) has remodeled and relocated to a larger space at River Road and Sunset Drive. The new owners of Schoolhouse Square, at River and Chemawa Roads, is recruiting new tenants to the once-fading shopping center. A new building pad will be constructed at the southeast corner of the property which will house two businesses new to Keizer—Jersey Mike’s restaurant and The Human Bean coffee shop. BFit moved into Schoolhouse Square earlier this year. But Keizer’s main commercial strip still has some big holes to fill. Creekside Center (River Road and Lockhaven Drive) has slowly been slipping into irrelavancy with the loss of an anchor grocery store as well as other small businesses. River Road has been a main focus of the city’s Economic Development Commission with Cherry Avenue also getting some attention. There are some realities that people need to remember: Keizer and its commission can wish all they want for certain types of retailers, developments and businesses that will bring needed jobs into our city limits, however they have few arrows in their quiver to use to make that happen. Unlike cities and counties across the country, Keizer does not have tax breaks to offer, no discounts...

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Will GOP repudiate Trump’s cruelty?

By E.J. DIONNE JR. Republican politicians face a choice. They can accept Hillary Clinton’s invitation to abandon Donald Trump and prevent a redefinition of their party as a haven for bigotry. Or they can prop Trump up, try to maximize his vote—and thereby tarnish themselves for a generation. If there were any doubts about Trump’s disqualifying lack of simple decency and empathy, he resolved them in an interview on ABC News last weekend with a characteristically cruel and self-centered attack on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, an American Muslim couple whose son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, was killed in the line of duty in Iraq. With his wife by his side, Khizr Khan delivered what was the most devastating attack on Trump during the Democratic National Convention. Khan directly challenged Trump’s strongman ignorance: “Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution? I will gladly lend you my copy.” And he said this of Trump: “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.” Most politicians—most human beings—would have humbly declared that no sacrifice is comparable to losing a son or daughter in service to the nation. Instead, Trump said he had made many sacrifices because (I’m not making this up) he “created thousands and thousands of jobs.” He said of Khizr Khan’s speech: “Who wrote that? Did Hillary’s scriptwriters write it?” And then he broke new ground, even...

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Both candidates leave one to wonder

The fanciest word I found to label myself during the past two weeks is masochist or a person who is gratified by self-imposed pain.  While I did not sit glued to a TV throughout every minute of the two convention’s proceedings, I did muster the fortitude, by what’s believed self-denied means, to listen to almost every word each evening. The Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, came as no real surprise although it was evident that the more charismatic, Bernie Sanders, gave her, literally and figuratively, a run for her money.  So many of my fellow citizens hold Hillary in low regard because she is unfavorably viewed by them beyond the email scandal and Benghazi.  Personally, I have no reason to hold that view because she has never hurt me personally or financially. What Hillary lacks, in my opinion, is charisma. In a couple of words, while she’s undoubtedly bright and by all accounts a hard worker, she does not possess the presentation and speaking skills that have claimed the “high ground” by so many candidates who’ve stood for election for president. Her menu for success in the Oval Office looks like another four years of Barack Obama.  However, to grant her full due, Sanders’ message has apparently forced her to go further “left” than would have been the case if she’d not had Bernie snapping at her heels. Now, to one extent or another, because she’s a woman, if the U.S. Senate and...

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