Month: July 2016

Keizer woman competing for Miss Oregon

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Hannah Patterson’s dream is to become a professional actor and if she happens to be crowned Miss Oregon or even Miss America on the way, so be it. “The scholarship money is the biggest pull for me,” Patterson said. “I want to go to grad school and I’d like to do so without accumulating a bunch of student debt. The Miss American organization is the largest scholarship provider to women in the world. Trying to work through and pay for school as much as possible, that part of it appealed to me a lot.” Patterson got the idea to try pageants from her sister-in-law, Havilah, who was named Miss Emerald Valley and competed for Miss Oregon in 2011. The two watched the Miss America pageant together on television in 2012 and Patterson registered for Miss Marion-Polk the following week. “At the time I was studying theater and I’m comfortable on stage and I like performing,” Patterson said. “I’m pretty girly which is a big part of it, at least the stage parts of it.” Patterson was voted Marion-Polk first runner-up in 2013 and then again in 2014. After a year off to focus on graduating from Portland State University with her bachelor’s degree in theater arts, she returned to the competition on March 26 and was one of two girls out of eight...

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Yes, Keizer is safe

By CATHY CLARK Are we safe? I have heard that very sincere question many times as we have read reports of crimes committed at our local businesses this week. Our police chief has stated that folks in our community who do not live a high risk lifestyle, i.e. drug dealing, sex-trafficking, theft, or gangs, are not the people involved in the shootings that have caused us concern and demanded resources from our police staff. We live on the Interstate 5 corridor and that impacts the kinds of crimes that occur. But those crimes get solved. Our police staff—patrol, detectives, traffic safety, community response, school resource, evidence and records, and K9—get the job done well. We have a strong community. We care about each other and are aware of what is going on around us. We say something when the circumstances look wrong. We take active measures to secure our loved ones and our property. We have Neighborhood Watch, neighborhood and homeowners groups looking out for each other. We have city police, county sheriff deputies and state troopers living in our neighborhoods. As prudent, reasonable, and responsible people, we have taken many of the steps necessary to create a generally safe community. Can we do more? Yes. Crime prevention means we take the time to secure our properties, train our family members and employees on proper security measures, get to...

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American experiment 240 years on

On Monday July 4, America celebrates her 240th birthday, Independence Day. That day is one of the greatest days in human history. When a struggling colony threw off the shackles of an overbearing government and said “we are free” by declaring its independence and then at the cost of thousands of lives, defended that independence. Two hundred-forty years later, we celebrate with fireworks, picnics, parades and time with friends and family, and that is all fantastic but I hope that we will all take a moment to look back and reflect on the cost of “independence” and consider our gratitude for those great men we call our “Founding Fathers” who took this movement so serious that they were willing to sacrifice all that they had including their lives. This “experiment” that is America is still evolving, still learning and still growing and it is, and forever will be, the greatest nation the world has ever known.  The United States of America has helped more people, assisted more nations and protected the world more than any nation before and it is with great love and respect for this country that I write this.  I am proud to be called an American. There is one person here in Keizer, whom I would like to tell you about who has special significance to Independence Day.  Mr. Paul Wagner is my friend and...

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