To the Editor:

As a native Oregonian, I have become disappointed with my state government. There was a time when our state government listened to the people of Oregon. But in the last 20 plus years those elected (and appointed) have been controlled by big money and special interest groups. The mind-set seems to be if the state needs money let’s tax the people even if we have to hide the tax.

No matter what your political leaning is, you need to take a look at how our state government is being run. You will agree it is time for a change… new ideas… new vision.

There is only one person running for governor that is willing to make the changes that benefit the people of the state of Oregon. Bud Pierce is that person. He is smart, understanding and not beholden to any special interest groups. He is not a career politician, and is willing to listen to the people of Oregon with an open door policy.

Bud Pierce is willing to debate Kate Brown, who seems to be hiding from the people of Oregon. Kate Brown has turned down debating with Dr. Bud Pierce, stating she is too busy. Dr. Pierce is still taking care of his oncology practice, as well as going to speak to groups and listening to people’s concerns. Kate Brown seems to not be able to make the tough decisions or multi-task. Bud Pierce has made these hard decisions many times in his career. He has been asked many times to speak on these matters.

Pierce has been all over the state talking to Oregonians about their needs, their concerns and what they expect from their governor. When was the last time Kate Brown traveled the state or visited any small town outside of the Portland metro area?

Phil Stephens