Day: July 8, 2016

Church thanks community

To the Editor: Truth Tabernacle Church and Truth Tabernacle Christian Academy would like to express our gratitude to the communities of Salem & Keizer for their donations to our 18th Annual 30 Kilometer Bike-A-Thon that was...

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Support for Bud Pierce

To the Editor: As a native Oregonian, I have become disappointed with my state government. There was a time when our state government listened to the people of Oregon. But in the last 20 plus years those elected (and appointed)...

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Confronting both nostalgia and amnesia

By E.J. DIONNE JR. The haunting U2 lyric, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” captures what many Americans seem to feel about politics in 2016. And a lot of us are looking backward. Donald Trump’s pledge to make our...

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Public officials should set standard

Sometimes, a two-word descriptive phrase can communicate equal to a 100 word paragraph. Consider the phrase “political hack.”  It can be used in a number of contexts but in this column it references a political office holder who...

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