Day: June 17, 2016

Duran hurdles way to Oregon State

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Running track in college was so far off Dani Duran’s radar that she hadn’t even taken the SAT or ACT. The McNary senior had planned to go to Chemeketa Community College, which doesn’t require either tests. However, Duran’s future changed on April 13 after she convinced her coaches to let her try the 300-meter hurdles midway through her final high school season. “I just wanted to try it,” Duran said. “I never thought I would be good at it. I just wanted to try it to do something different.” Without really any practice or training, Duran clocked the fourth best time in the state—46.75. Three days later, she moved up to third (45.80) and then set a new school record (44.91) while also winning the Greater Valley Conference title. Her goal became to win a state championship and while she came up just short, placing second in 44.37 behind Leah Russell of Gresham, her strong finish gave her a new opportunity. Kelly Sullivan, the head track and field coach at Oregon State University, was watching. “After I got second, I was really bummed and upset but he came up to me and introduced himself and gave me a card and told me to email him,” Duran said. She did, which resulted in Duran visiting the campus and receiving an offer to join the...

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Discrimination complaint filed against city

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes A Keizer man has lodged a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Justice Department against the city of Keizer citing poor conditions in the city’s parks and lack of compliance with standards required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. “When I appeared before the parks board, I was basically told I should find the money (to make upgrades) and they would pay for it. But at the same meeting, they suggested using $50,000 in matching money for a Big Toy grant application at Keizer Rapids Park,” said Eamon Bishop, who filed the complaint. “That same grant can be used for restoration. They could have put in for more and redone everything. They could have made everything ADA-compliant and fixed all the problems I’m finding.” City officials have yet to receive a copy of the complaint and declined to comment. Bishop was unable to supply the Keizertimes with a copy and said it was all done online earlier this month. Bishop was wrestling with a bout of insomnia one night earlier this year when he landed on the Keizer public access channel on his television. His ears pricked up when he saw Richard Walsh, a member of the Keizer Parks Board, talking about visiting the city’s parks to see which ones were seeing the most usage. “He said that the Big Toy and (Carlson)...

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Cow pasture redo hits city council agenda

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The Keizer City Council will be taking another look at potential plans for the Herber family, aka the cow pasture, at its meeting Monday, June 20. The site is located between Chemawa Road Northeast and Dearborn Avenue Northeast on the west side of Verda Lane Northeast. Councilors unanimously rejected a proposal that called for converting the land into three-story apartment complexes with 120 units in October 2015. The need for single family residences, impacts on nearby residences and transportation impacts were all cited as grounds for the denial. The new proposal calls for 112 apartment units in complexes that will look like two-story, single-family residences from Verda Lane Northeast. The units will look like traditional apartments when viewed from Claggett Creek Park. “The reduction in the number of units, together with the redesign of the exterior of the buildings do not suggest there are even 112 units in the project,” suggests a letter to the city prepared by attorney Wallace Lien on behalf of the owners, Herber Farm, LLC. Allowing apartments on the site would require a change in zoning from the current low denisty residential to medium high density residential. Under the current zoning, up to 60 single family units could be constructed on the 7.5-acre site. The letter from Lien suggests the property owners – Judith Ann Peters, Tyrene Ann...

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Food carts? You bet

The Keizer City Council must take the side of free enterprise and approve the operation of food carts in the city. Keizer is decidedly not Portland, but food carts are a huge part of the culinary experience in our neighbor to the north. Let us not hamper the entrepreneurial spirit of someone who thinks they can make a success of a cart that sells food that might not be available anywhere else in Keizer. There are two areas of the city where food carts should be allowed: along River Road and at Keizer Station. A pod of carts on River Road (where exactly needs to be negotiated between cart owner and land owners) would add an element of vitality that is missing. There should be a waiver of the city’s code that addresses color of brick and mortar buildings to allow carts to be painted and decorated with  panache which would be a vibrant addition to the city’s core. There are a number of cuisines that could be served at a food cart that is now not available. Pho is a very popular Asian dish but it not available anywhere in Keizer. Imagine the foods from around the globe that could be served, enriching the fabric of life of our community—Korean, Argentine, Indian. The list goes on. A certain winner would be a food cart that serves pizza by...

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When love fails to conquer

Moments of Lucidity By ERIC A. HOWALD Andrew was the first friend I made at Auburn University. It had been two weeks since leaving home for college, and I’d found a job at the on-campus housing department. There were a number of other students working there giving tours and filling a myriad number of other functions, but I was put in office out of view from the scuttle of daily operations. Andrew was the first student who went out of his way to come and introduce himself. It’s something I remember vividly because Andrew wore a pink turtleneck with bib overalls, one strap unhooked. A year later, we were sharing an apartment on campus. Andrew, an interior design major, handled decorations, and I would proudly boast that ours was the best appointed set of rooms on campus. I found a bit of smug satisfaction in rooming with a gay man. A few months before my departure for college, one of my favorite relatives and I were talking about the mostly unrealistic possibilities I might be facing as far as roommates. “What if they put you with someone who is gay?” she opined. “Eww.” To my knowledge, I had never had close contact with a LGBTQ person. It wasn’t something I feared, and I had trouble understanding why she felt it would be so potentially offensive. I said nothing. However,...

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