Day: March 31, 2016

Chainsaw artist talks to KPAC

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Is David Hillesland the Tree Whisperer? Last month the chainsaw artist from Lyons was driving past the Keizer Civic Center when he saw the two bare trees, which are scheduled to be decorated as story poles next year as envisioned by members of the Keizer Public Arts Commission. “Those two stumps were yelling at me,” Hillesland told KPAC members at their meeting on Tuesday. As she did last month, KPAC member Lore Christopher took credit for the trees still being up. “You have me to thank, David,” Christopher said. “I had to fight my limbs for that.” Hillesland said he gave up a banking job seven years ago during the throes of the recession and started whittling on wood. Then he ran into a chainsaw artist, who showed him how to do art with wood. Thus began a new business, All Natural Edge Designs. “I do work based on scale and budget,” Hillesland said. As one example, Hillesland recently carved a piece for an agency in Eugene with 1.5 children in a tree, with that number selected because that fit the agency’s budget. Hillesland said he can provide detailed blueprints for his work and knows how to both prepare wood for work and how to make it last, which can include annual touch-up work. “I have a track record for providing work on...

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