Day: February 26, 2016

Trump and the Megyn Kelly effect

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS During a recent CNN town hall Donald Trump offered up that he probably works too hard and if he had worked “a little bit less,” he “probably wouldn’t have had two marriages that didn’t work out.” Moderator Anderson Cooper then thanked Trump for participating in the event, and the last town hall before South Carolina Republicans hit voting booths was over. There were no follow-up questions about the role of Trump’s—so public it was front-page news—affair with second wife, Marla Maples, in the breakup of his first marriage. I understand CNN’s rationale for staging one-on-one interviews in lieu of a debate to give the public a peek at the more personal side of each GOP hopeful. As a journalist, I appreciate the delicate balancing act of trying to ask probing questions without being so confrontational that you become part of the story. But Cooper shouldn’t have let Trump turn his airtime into an infomercial. I sympathize with the plight of any journalist who interviews the reality TV star. Trump tells so many whoppers that the relentless moderator would have to challenge practically everything he says. On Sunday, I watched CNN’s Jake Tapper and Fox News’ Chris Wallace ask Trump about something he said at the CNN town hall: “I like the mandate,” Trump had said, even though he wants to repeal Obamacare. That Sunday, Trump...

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Which candidate can allay our fears?

Is there anything to worry about today in the United States?  There just may be a few reasons to feel some fear. President Obama is a silver-tongued orator but has let us down in so many ways from what we thought he would do.  Sure, he’s put some Americans back to work as there are more now tossing burgers, baking pizzas, and growing/selling marijuana. But what about the drugs that keep flowing in from Mexico; the family wage jobs that have gone overseas; companies that have taken them there and pay no U.S. taxes; threats from North Korea that could become real any day; the promise of the Affordable Care Act that serves a few Americans but has become too expensive for the families it was intended to help. Among so many letdowns, Wall Street and investment firms all over the land can any day now return us to the Great Recession from which we’ve never fully recovered while not one of the perpetrators has gone to jail. We could put more of our citizens to work in living-wage jobs. For example, in public infrastructure projects, if we didn’t continue to fight winless battles in the Middle East while our national debt continues into the stratosphere.  Too often our military members come back in coffins or so destroyed mentally and physically that they can only sit and wish they hadn’t gone to “free” Iraqis, Syrians and others who want...

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