Day: February 12, 2016

New Hampshire spanks the elites

By E.J. DIONNE JR.      WASHINGTON — The conservatism that has dominated the Republican Party for decades is in crisis. Capitalism has lost its allure among a large swath of young Americans. And the Clinton and Bush brands are yesterday’s products in desperate need of renovation.      These are, admittedly, large conclusions to draw from one contest in one small New England state. But politicians and Wall Street would be foolish to ignore New Hampshire’s shock waves.      Donald Trump’s success combined with Marco Rubio’s fade reflects the implosion of any sort of Republican establishment. For decades, party leaders ran a con game with their party’s working-class supporters. They gave verbal respect to social and religious conservatism and, throughout President Obama’s time in office, channeled every sort of resentment. But they delivered little of concrete benefit to these voters.      The voters noticed, and along came Trump.      Trump does not engage in the dainty dance that is the stock-in-trade of a Republican establishment that shifts effortlessly from backlash politics to high-toned rhetoric. Trump’s stream-of-consciousness soliloquies invoke nationalism, tough talk on trade, and a harsh and sometimes racist response to immigration. He roars the anger of his supporters, unapologetically.       The exit poll, as CNN reported, defined his base: Trump won 47 percent of the ballots cast by those who never attended college — the people hurting most in our economy — but only 25...

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Koho in ICU after heart attack

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Former Keizer Mayor and current Keizer City Council president Dennis Koho suffered a heart attack last Saturday, Feb. 6 and was taken to Salem Hospital. As of press time Wednesday, Koho remained in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital. Koho was Keizer’s third mayor, serving in that capacity from 1993 to 1999. He served on the council from 1991 to 1993 and returned to office in the fall of 2012. He told the Keizertimes last week he would not be running for another term this fall. Koho operates the Koho & Beatty law firm in Keizer with Eleanor Beatty. Keizer City Manager Chris Eppley confirmed Tuesday morning he’d heard Koho had been in the ICU after a cardiac event over the weekend. Mark Glyzewski, a spokesperson for the hospital, confirmed Tuesday morning Koho was still in critical condition. Koho’s wife, Lori, called the Keizertimes Tuesday afternoon and asked that no visitors try to see her husband at the hospital. She also noted there was no room for flowers and asked for privacy. On Tuesday evening, Lori posted on her husband’s Facebook page. “Dennis had a heart attack on Saturday and is in critical condition,” Lori wrote. “We have asked that only family visit and I’ll try to periodically update his status here. It’s comforting to know Dennis is...

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Mat squad 2nd in GVC

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The McNary High School mat crew finished their season in second place in the Greater Valley Conference after losing to Sprague High School Thursday, Feb. 4. The Celtics had two dual meets that evening and split the results with one win and one loss. McNary beat Forest Grove High School in commanding style with a final score of 48-15. The Keizer team then took on the Olympians with the two teams being the only ones in the league still undefeated. McNary lost 57-7, but 10 of the 14 matches went the distance and ended in decisions. “They had a few matches where they came up with some tactical ideas that made the matches go their way,” said Jason Ebbs, McNary head coach. “Those surprised us when they happened, but we understood it after the fact. We’ll be making changes for when we see those guys again at the district competition.” The Celts will wrestle for the district title Feb. 12-13 in Forest Grove. Match winners in the Forest Grove contest last week were: Enrique Vincent in a 11-6 decision; Sean Burrows by pin in 4:36; Jon Phelps by pin in the 2:59; Brayden Ebbs by pin in 2:33; Wyatt Kesler by pin in 1:06; Jesse Gomez by pin in 1:08; Kyle Bonn in a 4-2 decision; and Keifer Smith by pin in...

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Swimmers head to district

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The McNary High School swimmers are headed to the district competition Feb. 12-13 in McMinnville. While earning the Greater Valley Conference crown might be a stretch for both the girls and boys, Casey Lewin, McNary head coach, said some relay teams and individual racers are poised to do big things for their teams. “The past couple of weeks we’ve been a bit worn down but, between tapering and some rest, I like the place we’re in headed into the district meet,” Lewin said. For the girls, Lewin singled out sophomore star Marissa Kuch, who won individual and relay district titles as a freshman, Sarah Eckert, Haley Debban and Emily Alger. “Emily has been swimming fast lately and Haley has really turned it up in the past few weeks,” Lewin said. “Haley has had a great year in the 50 free and that was not something I saw coming.” McNary senior Kiana Briones had her eye on two of the Lady Celt relay teams. “Our 200 medley and the 200 free relays are pretty strong this year, but we have amazing up-and-coming swimmers that are freshmen and sophomores,” said Briones. Briones is hoping for good things for herself in the 200 free and 100 breaststroke. “I’d like to come in around 1:15 in the 100 breast. I’m not sure exactly where it would...

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Eclipse City, USA

In less than two years a major marketing opportunity will present itself to Keizer and every organization, including the city, should be thinking about how to capitalize on it. There will a total solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017. Keizer is smack in the middle of the path of the eclipse. Total eclipses happen about once a year somewhere in the world but very rarely do they happen here. Experts say the best place to exhibit a total eclipse is out in uninhabited areas such as the deserts of eastern Oregon. Traveling to the high desert on a Monday is not an option for everyone, that opens possibilities to attract visitors to Keizer. The city council can proclaim Keizer Eclipse City USA for starters. Will the eclipse be seen in other cities in America? Sure, but Keizer should the first to give itself that moniker. Working with the Keizer Chamber of Commerce the city can organize a large eclipse viewing party somewhere in the city such as Keizer Rapids Park (or better yet, Keizer Station for the economic aspects) and promote it. It would enhance the experience if as many lights as possible could be turned off for 15 minutes. Keizer-centric souvenirs can be designed and sold (“I saw the eclipse in Keizer” perhaps?). Merchants can take advantage of the eclipse and the spectators it should attract with...

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