Day: February 5, 2016

The American Dream has not been stolen

By MICHAEL GERSON   There is one issue on which the whole ideological range of campaign 2016 seems to agree. “The American Dream is dead,” says Donald Trump. “For many, the American Dream has become a nightmare,” says Bernie Sanders. Even discounting for the apocalyptic mood of many candidates, this is a justified concern. A way of life in which increased productivity resulted in higher wages and a realistic shot at economic advancement is fragile or failing. For as many as 40 percent of Americans, work now means a series of part-time, temporary, on-call and contract jobs. The old benefit packages and promotion pathways are largely gone. Life has instability, worry and toxic stress at its core. For those who criticize populist candidates, it is doubly important to understand and address the causes of populist discontent. One of those causes is pervasive, warranted economic anxiety. The political divide emerges in how this challenge is explained—a division that does not lie between parties or even ideologies. Some believe the American Dream has been stolen. It may have been an inside job, done by Wall Street or wealthy political donors. Or it may have been the work of outsiders such as illegal immigrants, the Mexican government or Chinese competitors. But our economic problem is viewed as effectively a crime. As economic analysis, this is generally wrong, shallow or partial. But it is...

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Mayor, two city councilors to run again; Koho done

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Looking to run for a seat on the Keizer City Council this fall? Odds are you’ll have competition. Mayor Cathy Clark and councilors Marlene Parsons and Kim Freeman all announced this week they are running again this fall. On the other hand, Dennis Koho, the current council president and a former Keizer mayor, confirmed he won’t be running again. Clark will be running for a second two-year term as mayor. After eight years on council, Clark ran unopposed for mayor in 2014 to replace Lore Christopher, who served as mayor for 14 years. Parsons emerged victorious in a three-way battle for her seat in 2012 and is running for a second term. For Freeman, this will be her first campaign. She was appointed in the summer of 2013 to fill the vacancy created when Ken LeDuc resigned that spring. LeDuc had won his seat in 2012. Koho returned to public office by winning an unopposed election bid in 2012, but has given hints several times since he would not be running for another term. Clark released a statement Tuesday night announcing she is running for a second term. “I ask for your continued support as I announce today that, in the November election, I plan to seek a second term as your mayor,” Clark said. “I am proud of our community, where pride,...

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