Of the Keizertimes

A rough sketch of a timeline for Keizer’s next public mural has emerged.

The mural, which has been discussed a number of times during Keizer Public Arts Association (KPAC) meetings, was originally going to be done last fall on the north wall of Town & Country Lanes at 3500 River Road N. The timeline has since been pushed back to this summer.

Jill Hagen, the KPAC and Keizer Art Association member heading up the mural project, gave a timing update during last week’s KPAC meeting in response to a question.

“Do we have an idea when we will start on the wall?” KPAC member Beth Melendy asked.

“We’re looking at May,” Hagen replied. “Once we start doing something, work parties will be out there. Right now we’re getting information to the public. If you give people things, they will see something good in it and they will return because they have a part.”

Hagen said more priming on the wall – a first level of primer was applied last fall – would be done before any images are painted.

“Some of the painting will be done, then some images will be put up there,” Hagen said. “That whole process will probably be May to July. I would expect it to be done in August, when you’d just have the final tweaking left. Putting up kid hands will be the last step.”

In recent weeks, Hagen has had artists claim images they’d be willing to help paint. The mural, to go along a wide, short wall estimated by Lore Christopher to be 140 feet wide, will be various images from the Keizer Iris Festival Parade. There will be images depicting a parade going down River Road, smaller images such as old businesses and dignitaries including Keizer’s six mayors and handprints of children representing irises.

Before then, Hagen is scheduling art classes during which artists will teach people how to paint a mural. The next such class takes place this Saturday, Feb. 6, from 3 to 5 p.m. at Keizer Civic Center. Shirlee Johnson will be teaching about coloring.

A day-long workshop is also scheduled for April 9. During that, gridding will be done to get artwork ready to be put up. Nancy Erickson will be leading that workshop.

Hagen said Kathy Hainey will be heading up a composition group, in charge of scaling the artwork and helping to put the images on the Town & Country wall.

Melendy suggested more will want to get involved with the project once they see things starting to go up on the wall.

“People will be curious,” Melendy said.

KPAC member Rick Day suggested selling limited edition of mural prints, an idea others liked.

“I would love to take that on,” Day said. “One thing is a picture of the picture, which anyone could take. I envisioned something different, a painting of the painting. We could do both.”