A large amount of stolen equipment was found at a house on Marino Drive Tuesday. Four people have been arrested so far. (KEIZERTIMES/Craig Murphy)

A large amount of stolen equipment was found at a house on Marino Drive Tuesday. Four people have been arrested so far. (KEIZERTIMES/Craig Murphy)

Of the Keizertimes

A neighborhood nuisance on Marino Drive is no more.

Around 5 a.m. Tuesday, officers from various agencies served a search warrant at 555 Marino Drive North in Keizer and arrested Alexandria and Donnie Carpenter, Yvonne Connors and Rudy Sobremonte.

Officers then spent the rest of the day processing the theft ring scene.

And what a scene it was.

There were cars, utility trailers, ATVs, quads and various wheels, compressors and construction tools galore.

That was just the stuff found outside and in the garage.

“There was a whole bunch of stolen property,” said Jeff Kuhns, deputy chief with the Keizer Police Department. “This is a serious theft ring. It sounds like maybe these people were going to new construction sites and ripping off doors and new appliances, anything not secured down. This is a really extensive ring.”

Lt. Andrew Copeland used a highly technical term to describe the scene.

“This is a really huge cluster,” Copeland said.

KPD had its large command post trailer on site, with Sgt. Bob Trump running the show.

“Six victims have recovered property so far,” Trump said in the afternoon as large items still filled the driveway and front yard. “They took new appliances and doors from new home sites all around Salem-Keizer.”

Brad Whittenburg was one of the victims recovering stolen property on Tuesday.

“My stuff was taken from a job site here in Keizer,” Whittenburg said. “They stole my trailer with all kinds of tools inside on Sept. 24. It was about $20,000 worth of stuff.”

Whittenburg’s trailer was covered by insurance but not all of the tools were. While a large amount of his stuff was found, not everything was accounted for.

“I figured I would never see the items again,” he said. “I’m glad to see it, or at least part of it. I’m angered every day, whenever I go for a tool and it’s not there. I’m just glad to see no one else will lose their stuff.”

Sgt. Darsy Olafson with the KPD noted four trailers were found in the backyard of the house and expected it to take a couple of days to process the whole scene.

“Keizer Public Works helped us drag out things from the backyard,” Olafson said. “This is just the stuff that was outside. We haven’t gone inside the house yet.”

Four adults have been arrested so far, but authorities are still investigating to see if more people are involved or if more items are elsewhere.

“This is definitely in the top few we’ve seen in terms of how much stuff was taken,” Trump said. “We’re trying to identify victims by serial numbers and markings.”

In addition to the stolen items, Trump said three pistols were also recovered. There were also charges of possession and delivery of methamphetamine.

Neighbors called police with complaints. That got the Community Response Unit – run by Trump – involved.

“The neighbors were fed up,” Trump said. “These people were up all day and night, running ATVs all night. They weren’t working, so far as we can tell. It was a real neighborhood problem. It was absolutely a livability issue. This house certainly stands out for all the bad reasons.”