To the Editor:

In a recent column (Keizertimes, Dec. 18), Gene McIntyre joined in lockstep with the Obamas, Clintons and Schumers in blaming the Republicans and NRA for the lack of gun control.

Of course, this always follows reminders of all the horrific acts recently committed by madmen.

One would have to be more than a little naïve to not see who is the intended target. McIntyre writes, “Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association, and those Republicans who pledge their allegiance to the NRA, has brought about no halt to these folks getting guns.”

No one bothers asking, if it is only the Republicans preventing gun control from happening?  Why did it not happen during all those years Democrats were in control of both houses of Congress and the presidency? They pushed through all the other legislation they wanted, including some that continues to be hotly debated.

One answer is that millions of law-abiding gun owners-—Republicans and Democrats—believe they have the right to own guns.

Many do not belong to the NRA for various reasons. Some, because they don’t want to be constantly ridiculed by the “politically correct” folks that choose to paint the NRA as an evil force, responsible for acts of criminals.

McIntyre also says the NRA wants everyone armed. Truth is, the NRA wants everyone to have the right to be armed, if they so wish. There is a big, big difference.

McIntyre finishes up with “The NRA apparently wants everyone armed. Under that scenario the country moves ever closer to a nation-wide shooting at the OK Corral where everyone owns a gun and will use it whenever it’s judged necessary.” Guess that’s meant to be some sort of dark humor?

Before the hate mail begins, in no way do I pretend to be a spokesperson for the NRA, or the Republican Party. I’m a gun owner who is deeply troubled by people who have access to media, and choose to use horrific tragedies to advance their political agendas.

G.I. Wilson