To the Editor:

The Keizer  Mural, located on the long exterior wall of Town and Country Lanes,  is developing with great community input and involvement.  A number of local people are designing the individual images and will soon create a collage with the  numerous elements of the Keizer Iris Parade.

Keizer Public  Arts  Commission (KPAC) and Keizer Arts Association(KAA) will soon be sending out a ‘call to artists,’ asking for submissions of  portrait  portfolio work. This’ heads up’ is an opportunity to develop a few representative  pieces of portrait  work for the  paid commissioned  faces that will be a part of the mural. Details will  be explained in the actual call to artist announcement.   Final selections will be done by the KAA board.

  If anyone is interested in joining the community mural effort, please attend the next meeting, at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 6, at the Keizer Civic Center.  At this meeting Barbara Hunter, a local artist,  will offer  a short presentation on  impressionistic techniques that will be used in the making of the  mural. There will be several mural-related presentations over the next few months. Experience or none, professional or amateur, young or old, all are welcome and we will have  jobs and tasks for  most  everyone. Please, come join the effort,  contribute and be a part of the growing expressions of Keizer  art. We have a number of  images just waiting to be claimed and developed. Come to the meeting and claim your image of choice  to develop.  No experience necessary.  We will help you if you ask.

Jill Hagen
Mural project manager