Day: December 25, 2015

Lady Celts take down Oregon’s 6A leaders

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The McNary High School girls varsity basketball team took most everyone by surprise in a 75-57 win over Sheldon High School Saturday, Dec. 19, themselves included. “It was kind of a surprise to be winning but, by the end of the game we were like, ‘Oh, this is us and who we are as a team,’” said Kaelie Flores, a Celtic senior. Going into the game, Sheldon was the top-ranked team in the OSAA 6A division, McNary moved up to No. 14 with the win. McNary hosted the match-up and started out with a seven-point run that included two two-point goals by Flores and a three-pointer by Madi Hingston. The Keizer girls carried that lead into the second frame and lost it only briefly midway through the quarter. After falling behind 26-24, sophomore Kailey Doutt hit a two-pointer to knot the game 26-26. The Lady Celts would trail through the end of the half, but a final bucket by Reina Strand sent the teams to halftime with the Fighting Irish leading 35-33. “We started doing things a bit different even in the pre-game warm-ups and that made for a good start,” said Strand. By midway through the fourth quarter, the Lady Celts had a 19-point lead over the Irish. McNary spent much of the late minutes at the foul line making free baskets....

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Decorated for the season

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes If you’ve been through the Gubser Miracle of Christmas Lights Display in the last 25 years, odds are you’ve seen the decorations at the Naegeli house. Not to mention the Halloween decorations. And the Valentine’s Day setup. Oh yeah, there’s also the Easter display. Yes, Harlan and Barbara Naegeli like to decorate their home at the corner of McLeod Lane and Rock Ledge Drive for various holidays. For Christmas time, the couple goes all out – and in. While the outside display is impressive in its own right – award-winning, in fact – the theme is continued inside, as Christmas decorations are everywhere. If there was room, there would be even more. Barbara and Harlan came to Christmas decorating from opposite perspectives. Barbara split her childhood between America and England, where the focus is on the inside of the house. Harlan, on the other hand, grew up in Silverton with plenty of outside decorations but nothing on the inside. “In England we didn’t do outside lights,” Barbara said. “We met one October. Then he came to my house the beginning of December and walked in. It was interesting for him to see all the decorations inside. I say our kids got the best of both worlds. We did Christmas crackers and paper crowns. It took Harlan a while to warm up.” Harlan flashed...

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Wish list

Sadly, the 2015 holiday season is slowing ebbing away. The Christmas gifts have been opened, the wrapping recycled and the tree is beginning to look a little forlorn. The time between Christmas and New Year’s Day is spent by many looking forward to the coming 12 months, some people make resolutions (and stick to them). Others think about what they will do with the new year and what they wish to happen. We have our wish list, too, of things we’d like to see in the coming year. • The round-about at Chemawa Road and Verda Lane to be completed on time and with signage that will make it easy for uninitiated drivers to navigate a traffic control tool that works just fine all around the globe. • A plan to make the Keizer Civic Center conference room financially stable, enough so that a lighting system can be installed that won’t leave speakers and performers in dark. • Money is obtained to finish the big playground at the Keizer Rapids Park and other amenities so we can move onto other projects. • A home for Keizer Homegrown Theatre. We think a pavilion at Keizer Rapids Park would do very well. It would serve not only as a 200-seat theatre for our performing groups including the Keizer Community Band and non-profit groups. The pavilion would also serve as a green...

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Back on the job

By MARK GLYZEWSKI “Without my back I could not do this job,” said Greg Biben, a firefighter/paramedic with the Keizer Fire District for the past 14 years. Unfortunately, Biben hurt his back while on the job on two different occasions. The first was in 2012 while lifting a man onto a stretcher. Biben ended up with a ruptured disk and needed surgery. Two years later at the scene of a house fire, Biben felt his back pop as he was cutting siding off an exterior wall to get at the fire. “That took me to the absolute lowest that I’ve ever been,” said Biben. “With the injury and my mental state of being hurt again and not being able to go to work, I felt hopeless.” His doctor referred him to Salem Health’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Services and its Work Injury Management team of physical and occupational therapists. “The staff there is just amazing,” said Biben. “They create a routine that mimics your work, whatever it is. In my case, they customized all of the exercises for firefighters.” “I eventually pulled a 50-pound bag that was strung from a second floor balcony in the rehab center to mimic lifting a bundle of fire hose from one floor to the next,” said Biben. “Also, I pushed a 300-pound sled to simulate rescuing somebody or moving the heavy gear we have.” “The exercises...

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Which party loves the USA?

By E.J. DIONNE JR. Which political party loves America? Not the United States that once existed, but the flesh-and-blood nation that we all live in now. The debates we have witnessed —too few and far between for the Democrats, frequent enough for the Republicans to constitute a new reality TV show—have provided an incontestable answer to that question. The Democrats embrace the United States of Now in all of its raucous diversity. Democrats are not free of nostalgia. They long for the more economically equal America of decades ago and celebrate liberalism’s heydays during the New Deal and civil rights years. But Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley all stand up for the rights of a younger America —today’s country—that is less white, more Latino and Asian (and, yes, more Muslim) than was the U.S. of the past. The cultural changes that have reshaped us are welcomed as part of our historical trajectory toward justice and inclusion. The Republicans, particularly Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, don’t like our country right now. They yearn for the United States of Then. The current version is cast as a fallen nation. True, the party shut out of the White House always assails the incumbent. But a deeper unease and even rage characterize the response of many in the GOP ranks to what the country has become. This can cross into a...

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