Day: December 18, 2015

KNOW thanks Keizer

To the Editor: As you read this, know that little hands are anxiously waiting to open their presents! Once again, Keizer Network of Women (Keizer Chamber of Commerce), have completed another year of service to our community.  267 children from Keizer were treated to warm clothing, toys, canned food, meat and fresh produce.  Months of preparation and fundraising allows us to complete our task at hand.  None of this is possible without community support and the arduous work of volunteers, both from the Chamber of Commerce and the community. Once again, thank you Keizer for a job well done. (Please visit our KNOW Facebook page for photos.) Audrey Butler...

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Cruz: The Maple Leaf candidate?

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS During the most recent presidential election, non-candidate Donald Trump crowned himself king of the “birther” movement, with his constant questions about whether President Barack Obama was born in Kenya or the United States. Now (it pains me to say) Trump is the GOP front-runner, and his closest challenger in the polls is Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who was not born in the United States. Cruz was born in Canada in 1970. His mother was born in Delaware. His father was born in Cuba. His family moved to Texas when he was 4. Cruz had dual Canadian-American citizenship until he renounced his Canadian citizenship two years ago. So is Cruz a “natural born Citizen,” a requisite for presidential candidates under Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution? PolitiFact looked into that question and determined that Cruz probably is eligible because his mother was a U.S. citizen: “Most legal experts contend (natural born Citizen) means someone is a citizen from birth and doesn’t have to go through a naturalization process to become a citizen.” But it noted that the issue is not “100 percent settled,” as there is no official definition. This month, GOP political consultant-turned-analyst Tony Quinn wrote a piece for the website Fox&Hounds headlined Ted Cruz Cannot Be President: Take Him Off The  Ballot. Quinn acknowledged the conventional view that Cruz is “natural born” but...

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A nation of guns and gun violence

Almost every day now there’s another dreadful shooting in America.  And that’s just counting the mass shootings where four or more Americans are shot. The San Bernardino executions add up to another one of these profoundly troubling events that are becoming too frequent and about which nothing but more talk has been accomplished. Democrats, including President Obama who will now try an end-run by executive order, address their view about a need for gun controls while Republicans continue emphasizing that more about the mentally ill must be done.  Both are right. With our nation awash in something like 300 million guns, eliminating them is unlikely to happen, especially since every mass killing is followed up by a large number of new gun purchases.  We have policies that address cars in the form of mandated driver’s licenses, safety belts and fines for the absence of either, as well as citations having to do with drinking while driving, texting, and the like, driving through road construction zones, food and drug controls and a multitude of other laws and requirements intended to try to keep us as safe as possible.   It would be cool if we could put our collective heads together with the same degree regarding guns. It strikes any observer in America that we’d be wise to keep guns away from all those who pose a risk. This would mean that it’d be required of all who want a gun to go through background checks universally....

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