A business is going about Keizer neighborhoods painting address numbers on the curb in front of houses.

A flyer is left at the door by a person calling themselves an Address America Indpendent agent. The flyer asks for a $5 ‘donation’ to have the house number painted on the front curb as a security service. The flyer says “This is an essesntial service as FIRE,Police,Paramedics, and Neighborhood Watch personnel will look first to the curb for your address.”

The flyer continues on saying the curb painting is a communtiy service project and that the homeowner is free to decline to the representative that calls. But, if a homeowner accepts the offer, they will be charged the $5 fee and they are invited to ‘donate’ up to $20 more.

Painting addresses on the curb in front of one’s house is a good idea and makes it easier for public safety personnel in case of an emergency, but the outfit currenting trolling Keizer for business makes it seem like this is a project of our local police and fire services. They are not.

In a health emergency seconds can be the difference between life and death. The less time that police, fire or medical personnel spend trying to locate a specific house, the better for the person in trouble.

The public is not required to have a number in front of their home and homeowners should certainly not feel pressured to pay for somethng they neither asked for or ordered.

The city has received a number of citizen complaints. Keizer’s department of public works does not authorize the work, according to director Bill Lawyer, but they do not prohibit the painting of address numbers on curbs.

Keizer residents faced with a flyer regarding curb painting have the freedom to accept the offer, pay the fee and make an additional donation. They are free also to ignore the solicitaiton.

Over the years there have been a number of organizations that have swept through our neighborhoods citing safety, security and timeliness as reasons to pay up. A homeowner can just as easily paint their own number on the curb in front of their house.

Painting addresses does help public safety personnel more easier locate a home they are looking for. Driving down many streets in Keizer the driver would be hard pressed to see house numbers, especially in the dark. Address number painting would be an excellent project to discuss at neighborhood association meetings, at block parties during National Night Out, or it can be a fundraising project for the police cadets or other youth public safety organizations.

We are not opposed to house numbers painted on the curb, if it is done well. We are opposed to entreneurs scaring homeowners into buying something they don’t want and paying a fee when they don’t know where the money ends up, especially the ‘additional’ donations the current flyers ask for.