To the Editor:

The Keizertimes had an interesting article about a parks district in Keizer

My first thought was “Here we go again, folks;” several people on the city council want more of your hard earned money. They are talking about forming a parks district. They are not satisfied with the money parks receives from the general city budget. Keizer is known for its frugal handling of your tax dollars but some folks want to get deeper into your pocket.

Forming a parks district will mean having to elect a board of directors, hiring a superintendent and maintenance staff, not to mention park equipment. Then there is the office space, office personnel and a variety of costs including things like insurance and legal costs.

The city would have to sell or give all of the park land to the district. I wish these people would get real and learn to live within a budget like the rest of us do. Richard Walsh was quoted as saying the park budget has to compete with sewer and water for funding. We all have to pay a fee for sewer and water completely separated from the general fund. Mr. Walsh knows this as he was on the city council. Such statements raise questions as to trustworthiness of future statements. The next thing you know these same people will want a police district and a library district in order to receive more taxes. This topic is like a vampire.

We put a stake in its heart several years ago and it is back again.

Bill Quinn