Day: November 13, 2015

Mysterious flag returned to MHS

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The package arrived at the McNary High School Monday, Nov. 2, with a typed letter and an American flag, folded military-style, beginning to show it’s age. “A long time ago I was a silly young and immature kid attending McNary,” the letter states. “Contain(ed) within this package is a flag I took from McNary on my last day of school. I have had it for many years now and every time I move or encounter it within my (possession) I regret my actions. “It was wrong of me to take this flag and I am sorry for taking it. I am returning to its rightful place. Please accept the returning of this flag as my acknowledgment of my wrongdoing and forgive my youthful actions that were wrong and stupid.” The letter was signed anonymously: “Ex-McNary Graduate.” Since its arrival, Erik Jespersen, McNary principal, has been pondering the flag’s origin. “No one that I’ve talked to remembers a missing flag,” said Jespersen. “We really have no idea. We wish we did. I’d like to shake the hand of the person who sent it back.” One thing is certain, the flag has been around for a while. The white spaces are now weathered and off-white, a not inconsiderable amount of dust and grime clings to the whole thing. While returning the flag may have...

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GOP voters’ love of the unserious

By MICHAEL GERSON Welcome to the vetting season, in which presidential candidate resumés are pumped full of air, submerged in water, and tested for bubbles like an inner tube. None of the Republican candidates, even the few with actual governing experience, has ever suffered the level of scrutiny given to a top-tier presidential prospect. It is part journalism, part tax audit, part fraternity hazing and part—especially when it comes to Republicans—ideological hit job. (The last, consulting Aristotelian logic and CNBC, does not need to be true of every journalist to be true nonetheless.) Only Democrat Hillary Clinton has made a career of sailing in this hurricane. And even she is taking on water with an ongoing FBI investigation. Ben Carson, amazingly, has been asked to substantiate the claim that he actually tried to hit his mother with a hammer. Was it kept on the mantel as a souvenir? Are there pictures of the event in the family scrapbook? And, by the way, did he embellish his resume through the hazy high school memory of a recruiting meeting? Carson’s claim that his treatment is unique—“I have not seen that with anyone else”—is disproved by, well, just about everyone else. Marco Rubio is being called to account for questionable purchases as a state representative on a GOP American Express card, including some flooring. In my book, hardwood would indicate disqualifying extravagance;...

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One grocery store choice

To the Editor: In regards to Marge Willson’s letter (Keizertimes, Oct. 30) about one grocery store in Keizer: she is very correct that Keizer needs another choice, especially one that is not way too expensive. I urge everyone to go onto the Winco website and click on Contact Us and let them know we want them in Keizer.  I sent them an e-mail and was very encouraged with the response. The more folks do this the better chance we have.  We already go to the south Salem Winco to do most of our shopping.  I would also recommend doing the same thing if you would like to see a Costco at this end of town since the one and only in Salem is becoming a nightmare. Michael Johnson...

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