Day: October 24, 2015

“Frank & Ava: In Love and War” by John Brady

“Frank & Ava: In Love and War” by John Brady c.2015, Thomas Dunne Books $26.99 / $31.50 Canada 292 pages BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER Whatever does she see in him? That may be something you wonder while glancing at the tabloids at the grocery store. What is it about him that she likes, or vice versa? Either way, the answer eludes you but, as in the new book “Frank & Ava” by John Brady, full explanations could be an impossible dream. When eighteen-year-old Ava Gardner stepped off the Manhattan-to-Los-Angeles train one summer day in 1941, she was green as spring grass: her entire knowledge of Hollywood had come from fan-mags. She didn’t even smoke or drink; she was just a good girl from North Carolina , a beauty whose new career was launched by a portrait in a photography-studio window. Before she left New York for Hollywood , Gardner had “playfully” said she was going to marry the “biggest movie star in the world” and, unbelievably, six months later, she became Mrs. Mickey Rooney. That marriage lasted less than a year, as did her second marriage to bandleader Artie Shaw. When Frank Sinatra arrived in California in 1943, his star had been shining for quite some time: the singer “was everywhere,” and was the “highest-paid concert performer in the country,” having become famous with Tommy Dorsey, and then...

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MHS alums return as Celtic innovators

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes A pair of McNary High School graduates visited their alma mater last week in hope of inspiring the next generation of Celtic innovators. Amber Rushton, a Nike global brand communication manager, and Matt Watson, owner of Portland-based design firm Watson Creative, took time to talk with students at McNary Oct. 14. The school gathered at an assembly that included feature presentations from the two speakers and a Q&A session after they were done. Rushton said her largest lesson as a student came as a freshman the McNary, taking honors physical science. “I went to all the classes took notes, made flashcards and went in after school every day to ask lots of questions. What I realized was that I needed to learn how I learned,” she said. She said she returns to that lesson over and over again, most recently when she moved from Nike’s digital branding to global branding where she participated in making her first commercial for the company. “I needed to think about my learning process and learn how to ask questions,” she said. Watson has also done branding and design work for Nike, but said his career had its roots in activities he took part in as a Celtic. “My entire life, I always drew. Drew house plans and logos and anything else I could think of,” Watson...

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