Day: October 2, 2015

Grizzlies, Vikings block Celtic path

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes In the next six days, McNary High School’s varsity football team will face two teams looking for their first Greater Valley Conference wins. And the Celtics learned last week how dangerous a position that can be. On Friday, Sept. 25, McNary lost its first league match to McKay High School 10-7. McKay entered into the contest without a win. “We had a lot of mental errors on offense, but the atmosphere was crazy with rain and their homecoming crowd, and we weren’t really expecting it,” said Celt LaCroix Hill. McNary hosts McMinnville High School Friday, Oct. 2, and the Keizer team is on the hunt for redemption. “Our focus wasn’t there and we underestimated McKay, but I have confidence we’ll come back and take the win over McMinnville this week,” said Shawn Snyder, a McNary senior. In 2014, McNary beat the Grizzlies with a last-second field goal. McMinnville went on to finish 1-8 for the season and it currently sits in last place in the GVC with an 0-4 record. The Grizzlies have scored 75 points to their opponents’ 137, but last week’s 20-17 loss to North Salem High School was its closest yet. McMinnville was also up 17-0 before North rallied for the win. One of the bright spots for the Celtics last week was its defense. The team ended several...

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Surprise! Haggen closes quietly

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes The Keizer Haggen was here only a short time, but it was a memorable time. Not necessarily for the best of reasons, however. In the span of several months, the Washington-based grocery chain went from 18 stores to announcing plans for 146 new stores (including Keizer), opening those stores, announcing the closing of most of those stores, getting into a bitter legal battle with Albertsons and finally announcing the chain will only keep 37 total stores. The former Albertsons at 5450 River Road North in the Keizer Creekside Shopping Center was converted to a Haggen in less than 48 hours in late April. In mid-August, however, the Keizer Haggen was one of 27 stores on a closure list. No final date was listed, with the store slated to close within 60 days. Company officials didn’t respond to multiple requests from the Keizertimes for an exact date. Apparently the date was last Sunday, Sept. 27. When the Keizertimes went by the store on Sept. 24, signs indicated the store was closing in four days. When a reporter stopped by the store again on Monday, Sept. 28, not only was the store closed, shelves were empty and some of the shelves were gone altogether. Anthony Marin of Keizer was among those caught surprised by the closure. He stopped by Monday morning in hopes of getting...

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KNOW thanks community

To the Editor: Keizer Network of Women wants to extend a grateful thanks to all who attended our Diva! Ladies’ Night, making it one of our best yet.  We appreciate all the businesses and members of the community who made donations for prizes and gift baskets—we couldn’t do it without you. We will work diligently to support those less fortunate and we will do it because of you.  Thank you. Audrey Butler Keizer Network of...

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Voting no on the payroll tax

To the Editor: I am opposed to ballot measure 24-388 (employer payroll tax) for the following reasons: (1) This is yet another transfer of wealth from one group (business owners) to another (transit riders) based on a perceived need.  Redistribution of wealth is anti-capitalist, and takes away from a society’s ability to grow. (2) As I have witnessed first-hand with ObamaCare, this tax will have a very real impact on business.  Employers will make a choice:  a.) reduce hours and/or scale back wage increases to employees in order to reduce their tax burden, or b.) pass along the increased costs to consumers. (3) We already support transit with our property taxes.  It seems wrong to take money from two pockets of the same income earner. (4) According to their website, Cherriots ridership is declining.  Should we all pay more because fewer people use the system? Join me in voting no on M24-388. Brandon Smith...

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Unfair employer tax

To the Editor: My career in construction began in 1990 when I finished schooling for my trade.  Fourteen years ago, with my tool belt and a credit card with a $5,000 limit I started my business.  Over the years, through hard work, relentless tenacity and a desire to see my community a better place to live, I have built a company that has the ability to give to local charities.  This of course is in addition to the salaries and benefits paid to my employees. All the time ensuring that the hand that feeds us, our customers receive the service and end product we promise.  On time, in budget and to their liking; I understand without customers there is no business, no employees, and no way to give back to the community I call home. The value of a customer base falls flat on the board of directors of the Salem Keizer Transit District.  In their arrogant wisdom they have decided to levy an employer payroll tax on the hands that provide jobs and the revenue for government services in this town.  As a business owner I pay a portion of the over $10 million the transit district receives in property taxes.  Now they want business owners to pay an additional $5 million in taxes. If this measure passes my business will pay more than $3,000 the first year...

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