Day: October 1, 2015

Royal Scots stun Celtics in 10-7 win

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes There was a single moment in the McNary High School varsity football team’s 10-7 loss to the McKay High School Royal Scots that seemed emblematic of the night as a whole. With 3:23 to go in the third quarter, McNary had just recovered a Royal Scot fumble at the one-yard line. It was the second time in less than four minutes that a Celtic drive was beginning buried near the end zone. After coming up empty on two running attempts, Celt Brady Sparks broke through for a three-yard gain to bring up third-and-seven. On the next play, McNary quarterback Trent Van Cleave kept the ball and made a break for it along the near sideline. He was taken down hard and was slow to get up – Van Cleave had already spent a good portion of the night getting beat up trying to run the ball. The first thing he did once he was standing was turn to see if he’d made the first down and discovered he was a yard short. His shoulders visibly slumped as he handed the ball to the referee and the Celts punted on fourth-and-one. That same sense of defeat seemed to hang over the Celtics for the rest of the game. “We didn’t make the plays that presented themselves and they did. Defensively we made the...

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Five entries in holiday card contest

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Maybe it will grow next year. That was the hope Tuesday night among members of the Keizer Public Arts Commission (KPAC) as they looked at entries for the city’s first holiday card contest. Following months of publicity, all of three people submitted potential designs, with a total of five designs turned in. “There were very few, but I love one of them,” KPAC chair Lore Christopher said. Entries had to be submitted by Sept. 18. KPAC members looked at the entries Sept. 22 and agreed the “Let’s go to the parade” design by Salem’s Jeffrey Flores was the top design. In addition to his design being used as the city’s holiday card for 2015, Flores will also be receiving a $100 gift card to Michael’s Arts and Crafts. As KPAC members looked over the entries on Tuesday, several noticed the same thing. “Most of these said Salem,” Beth Melendy said. Only one of the entries, by McNary High School senior Fallon Dunham, was by a Keizer person. The other two applicants were listed as Salem residents. KPAC members realized they had inadvertently left a loophole, as there was nothing in the rules stating a person had to be a Keizer resident to submit a design. “Perhaps in the future we can specify preferential for Keizer residents,” Rick Day suggested. “We can amend our...

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