From the Capitol

The way the Oregon Legislature was originally designed, it was supposed to be a citizen legislature—meaning that the representatives had other professions and came together for a few months every other year to approve a budget for the state. Then they went back to their regular lives. Now that we have yearly sessions, it can make it difficult to hold down a job and be a legislator. I know I have run into many of you at my “summer job,” as the voice of the Volcanoes.

The legislature will get back together at the end of September for three days of meetings, and in the interim I’ve been doing my best to report back to you, my constituents, on what happened during the 2015 session. For example, I spoke to members of the Keizer Chamber of Commerce about the effect of the session on our business community. Business owners are often so busy keeping their doors open that they can’t keep track of laws that are made that will impact them. I think it was an eye-opening speech for some of them.

I was very interested and concerned with what was going on in our neighboring city in House District 25. While a proud resident of Keizer, I do represent Newberg, too,  and wanted to show support while the town was in an upheaval with their city manager and chief of police being put on leave. I’ll be hosting a town hall there in a few weeks as well. I have been invited to speak at a couple important rallies this summer and have welcomed every opportunity to be involved in our community.

I was very pleased with a constituent letter we sent out this summer as the response was fantastic. In the past few weeks I’ve had multiple people tell me they have never heard from their state representative before, and even though they may be in a different political party than I am, they appreciate being kept in the loop. I may have my opinions and beliefs, but I work for you, the residents of House District 25, and I want you to feel like you can contact me at any time and share your thoughts about what is happening in our community and in our state.

(Bill Post represents House District 25. He can be reached at 503-986-1425 or via email at