Saturday, Aug. 22, will be a bright and sunny day. It will be beautiful not only weather-wise but because McNary High School will unveil its new artifical turf at Flesher Field during Blue Day.

This will be the fourth Blue Day staged by the McNary High School Athletic Booster Club. The club has planned and raised funds for the big project that will allow 10 times as many events to be held at the stadium.

The former grass field was not always user friendly, especially in our wet weather in the fall and spring. The marching band could not practice on it because hundreds of tromping feet over time turned the field into a muddy, mushy mess.

Now the band can practice to its heart’s content on the field. The football, soccer and lacrosse teams will be able to practice and play without worry.

Blue Day is not only the unveiling of the new turf. It is an opportunity for the community to gather and support the many teams of the school, enjoy barbecue and celebrate what makes Keizer a good place to live: neighbors and friends joining together to make a vision become reality.

Blue Day will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Attendance is free but donations will eagerly be accepted by the Booster Club.