The killing of a lion in Zimbabwe by an American is a story that won’t go away. Outrage was registered on social media. There are those who are baffled by the uproar of the killing of Cecil the lion but not over the deaths of improverished children around the world, soldiers and others.

Anytime there is a single or mass killing anywhere in the world that is response on social media—some are profound, others not so much.

Should we care about the killing of one lion in Africa by a big game hunter? Absolutely. We should care about the premediated killing of any living being be it human or animal.

According to reports Cecil, who was known to locals for 13 years, was lured out of his protected habitat by guides. The American hunter shot Cecil with an arrow, but that did not kill the lion, who survived for almost two days, most likely suffering. The lion was killed by a gun after the hunter and his guides tracked him down.

Are people upset because Cecil was a lion? An animal? Beautiful? We should be upset because the killing of Cecil reveals once again the hunting and poaching of animals, some of them endangered, or whose populations have declined over the years.

Hunting deer and elk in America doesn’t ellict the same universal response; hunting is an ingrained sport. But there are laws that govern hunting regulating when and where it can be done and what is done with the carcasses.

Hunting endangered big game is a whole different story. People get upset when they hear or see the bodies of prey rotting because the hunters retrieved the trophies they were after: head, tusks, hoofs, etc.

It is hard to believe that society would cotton to the idea of cutting down the last tree, or using the last gallon of fresh mountain water. Natural resources are finite and it needs man’s protection especially if there is not enough remaining to sustain itself.

Hunting is not bad. Killing endangered or limited species for sport alone and leaving most of the body behind is bad. Too many walls in the world are adorned with the trophies of the desire to be in control of the animal kingdom.

The death of a child, a cop, a mother, an innocent bystander are all tragic and should be marked as such. It doesn’t have to come down to man vs. animal; all living beings share this one planet. Man has the power to see that all live the life their creator deemed for them.