Month: July 2015

The responsibilities of liberty

A Box of Soap By DON VOWELL A wise editor once advised me not to respond to the inevitable criticisms.  Martin Doerfler’s able and concise response to the most recent backlash relieves me of that need. But since that original...

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Can we make education engaging?

Today’s high schools are relics of an age when the teacher was the possessor of knowledge and wisdom that was imparted to assemblies of students. Sitting in uncomfortable desks and not allowed to slouch, they were expected to...

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Plan your 4th for maximum boom

Civil War battles, a music festival and enough fireworks to make your head explode. Here is a round-up of where to see the best and brightest this July 4. July 3 through 5 The 25th annual appearance of the Northwest Civil War...

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