Keizer needs two central electronic signs that continually announce all the events and activites that happen every week in our town these days.

Not all sets of eyes are on the same website or same media. Two sizable signs on River Road, one at Chemawa Road, the other at Lockhaven Drive, would be seen by a vast percentage of drivers and pedestrians.

Community, school, youth sports and other events would be announced on a rotating basis, all day and all night long. There are plenty of fairs, auctions, tournaments and such happening all the time now that a central communication tool is needed. The message should be text only with the pertinent information—event, date and location.

An LED sign on a post when erected at the corner of each mentioned intersection to have the best impact. With the sign operating around the clock there would no shortage of ‘space’ to promote the varied events that take place in our seven square miles.

Technology would allow for all events to be entered into a computer with a start and end date. After the initial entry of events it would take little time to update as new events are registered.

Who would be responsible for keeping the information updated? That is a duty that can be shared by the city and the organization that promotes Keizer, the Chamber of Commerce comes to mind.

Being a public sign, private sector advertising would not be allowed. However, if a local church is holding a large community party or event, that should be allowed as long as it did not include religious messages.

There are many worthy events that happen in Keizer, not all will appeal to everyone, but we, as a community, have a stake in promoting all of them. With the busy schedules of today’s households, focused on their interests, centralized community event signs would be a boon to the organizers and backers of festivals, fairs and other events that need the community to attend and support.

These public event communication signs would have to built with a waiver to the Keizer sign code, but that is a small step in a journey to give every organization in promoting themselves to Keizer’s residents.