I am appalled by some of the things that I see going on in our nation, but after years of experience I have come to realize that many of the things which go on have the design of turning me against my own country. But I realize that they are not my views and not what the United States was designed to be by our Founding Fathers. Rather, I realize that there is a deliberate attempt to undermine the American system as a whole.

Whether it be by those who feel things are working or not, the American system has achieved broad accomplishments in world history which is why it has been heralded as the forerunner of a whole new world. Some say that that hasn’t been realized yet, while others are losing faith and wanting to return to the way things were before there ever was an America. Others may not have any faith at all. That’s textbook. But there cannot be a whole new world without the vision of those generations who created this country in the first place.

This just tells me that the whole idea is to subvert and do away with the United States as we know it, and being that the United States (its citizens) have undeniably earned a strong reputation in the past as a Christian nation, are trying to erase a world where the existence of Jesus ever existed. This just simply means that there are many attempts to malign it’s reputation, and that’s textbook as well.

On the topic of marriage, because of the importance that our citizens have traditionally placed on it, with the ideals of independence and responsibility as well as the protection and dignity of human life, it is natural that this God-blessed institution of productivity, and what it means to define the existence of our lives, would be under attack as well.

It is offensive to the very process of our biology that such a vital thing  as marriage should be demeaned by processes which serve only to stunt and blunt the means by which humanity has been able to survive to this very day. Marriage between a man and a woman is set-part in a whole other category of it’s own. The whole idea of changing it’s definition is illogical and ludicrous, as it is the only means by which men and women have their existence, and you can never replace the presence of a mommy and daddy. Just ask the orphans.

To call marriage by any other name  cannot be interpreted by any other means accept that of a cry of deep insecurity and a sense of little self worth. In that sense I say let God be the judge. But let men and women everywhere judge themselves as to the preservation of their own human life and welfare. For we all understand what love is and where we have come from whether we believe in God or not.

Therefore free speech in regards to such things are not out of the ordinary but are a natural part of our existence and ingrained in the common sense of our human language. Any attempt to subvert marriage is intolerant to the witnesses of humanity past, present, and future.

If not God, let humanity judge itself. But how can humanity have the value of God with such a low regard for it’s own self worth? Let God then be the judge. If that’s the case then let God be found true and every man a liar. After all, if human institutions (i.e. its people) will not do justice, then so much as there is a God, they will be held accountable to a higher standard. The value of human life must be preserved.

(Matt Chappell lives in Keizer.)