Day: July 31, 2015

Marijuana shop siting prompts question: What is a school?

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes There are some complex rules when it comes to recreational marijuana in Oregon. One of the simple rules would seem to be marijuana can’t be sold within a certain distance from schools. The state law calls for at least 1,000 feet distance, while in Keizer the distance is 1,500 feet. In addition, such a facility can not be within 1,000 feet of a public building and has to be at least 1,000 feet away from another dispensary. At last week’s Keizer City Council meeting, however, the seemingly simple school question grew more complex: how exactly do you define a school? City Attorney Shannon Johnson said the question was raised because a person is looking to open a medical marijuana facility in Keizer within 1,500 feet of the Tangled Ends Hair Academy at 136 Chemawa Road N. “The background is what is a public or private school?” Johnson said. “The hair salon is a school on Chemawa, which is not the type of school envisioned here (in the city ordinance). Our definition is broad, while the state law includes career schools with minors. We do have someone within 1,500 feet of the hair salon interested.” Johnson’s proposed amendment to the city’s medical marijuana facility permit process called for no such facility within 1,500 feet of any public or private elementary or secondary school, as...

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Use signs to promote local events

Keizer needs two central electronic signs that continually announce all the events and activites that happen every week in our town these days. Not all sets of eyes are on the same website or same media. Two sizable signs on River Road, one at Chemawa Road, the other at Lockhaven Drive, would be seen by a vast percentage of drivers and pedestrians. Community, school, youth sports and other events would be announced on a rotating basis, all day and all night long. There are plenty of fairs, auctions, tournaments and such happening all the time now that a central communication tool is needed. The message should be text only with the pertinent information—event, date and location. An LED sign on a post when erected at the corner of each mentioned intersection to have the best impact. With the sign operating around the clock there would no shortage of ‘space’ to promote the varied events that take place in our seven square miles. Technology would allow for all events to be entered into a computer with a start and end date. After the initial entry of events it would take little time to update as new events are registered. Who would be responsible for keeping the information updated? That is a duty that can be shared by the city and the organization that promotes Keizer, the Chamber of Commerce comes...

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Doing justice means free speech

By MATT CHAPPELL I am appalled by some of the things that I see going on in our nation, but after years of experience I have come to realize that many of the things which go on have the design of turning me against my own country. But I realize that they are not my views and not what the United States was designed to be by our Founding Fathers. Rather, I realize that there is a deliberate attempt to undermine the American system as a whole. Whether it be by those who feel things are working or not, the American system has achieved broad accomplishments in world history which is why it has been heralded as the forerunner of a whole new world. Some say that that hasn’t been realized yet, while others are losing faith and wanting to return to the way things were before there ever was an America. Others may not have any faith at all. That’s textbook. But there cannot be a whole new world without the vision of those generations who created this country in the first place. This just tells me that the whole idea is to subvert and do away with the United States as we know it, and being that the United States (its citizens) have undeniably earned a strong reputation in the past as a Christian nation, are trying...

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Can’t beat ‘em

To the Editor: It has finally dawned on me, the National Rifle Association (gun nuts) have won.  With almost no chance for meaningful gun control legislation, the only opportunity left for people to obtain even a semblance of protection is to buy a gun and a Kevlar vest and wear them all of the time. Might as well join the NRA, too. Art Burr...

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