Day: July 28, 2015

“Big Top Burning” by Laura A. Woollett

“Big Top Burning” by Laura A. Woollett c.2015, Chicago Review Press $18.95 / $22.95 Canada 167 pages BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER For months now, you’ve been growing out your hair. One day, it will be long enough that you can become an aerialist who hangs by her locks, looking like a mid-air ballet artist. And if that doesn’t work, you could be a lion tamer, for sure, or maybe a clown. But no matter what you choose, read “Big Top Burning” by Laura A. Woollett and stay safe. In the middle of World War II, when resources and money were both scarce, a trip to the circus was a huge treat. Families sometimes saved for months for the chance to see big cats, elephants, trapeze acts, and clowns. That was the case for many residents of Hartford , Connecticut , when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus came to town that day in early July 1944. Everyone was excited – even the government knew the circus was good for morale – and they quickly took their seats on bleachers or in fold-up chairs lined up on boards. “More than 6,000 people attended the circus on that hot July 6 afternoon,” says Woollett. The Big Tent (which was “massive” and weighed over 75,000 pounds) filled quickly with circus-goers, clowns and horses, bears and lions, tigers, chimps and...

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Hearing held for new subdivision

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Some concerns were expressed July 16 regarding a proposed new housing development in west Keizer. And no, concerns weren’t just expressed by the neighbors. Three neighbors did express various concerns before Hearings Officer Cynthia Domas, who conducted a public hearing on a proposal to turn 5.73 acres of land on Burbank Street into a 32-lot subdivision known as Bowden Meadows. The lots would range in size from 5,000 square feet to 10,856 square feet with the average lot being 6,033 square feet. The project applicant is Mark Farrow on behalf of Trademark Enterprises LLC for property owned by Robert Bowden and Doug Harner on behalf of JDC Homes LLC. Sam Litke, senior planner for Keizer, noted the subdivision was planned several years ago. “This particular property had received approval in early 2008 for comprehensive plan zone change/lot line adjustment,” Litke said. “The recession that year means the subdivision that was approved never happened. Now a new applicant has come forward. The lots are slightly different. There are slightly more lots.” City engineer Bill Peterson had an issue with the site distance in the plans, as well as the revised plans meant to respond to that concern. “When you skew the distance like that, there is a horizontal alignment,” Peterson said. “It doesn’t meet the city standard. If it did, that would improve things...

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