Day: July 23, 2015

“All Dogs Go to Kevin” by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

“All Dogs Go to Kevin” by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang c.2015, Grand Central Publishing $26.00 / $29.00 Canada 325 pages BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER Your dog knows all the basic commands. He can SPEAK, indoor voice and outdoor voice. He’s got SIT all buttoned up, with his behind planted firmly on the floor. He can STAY all day long if you need him to, and he FETCHes like a pro – which is great. You’ll need him to fetch you some tissues when you read “All Dogs Go to Kevin” by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang. With few friends and a need for solitude, nerdy teen Jessica Vogelsang knew that she was expected to attend college but she wasn’t happy with her choices. Being a doctor “was the most palatable option” but by her senior year in college, “the luster had worn off the idea” and she was “completely confused.” Stubbornly determined, she soldiered on, until the day she followed students into a lab to observe surgery on a pig. She graduated, went home, and enrolled in veterinary school. Vogelsang came late to being an animal lover. When she was eight years old, her parents allowed a Lhasa Apso named Taffy into the household. The dog was grumpy but Vogelsang understood, since she also just wanted to be left alone. Taffy was the first dog she loved and she was rightly...

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25 Fields for Oregon expands its scope

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes It all started with the seemingly simple idea of adding much-needed soccer fields. But the 25 fields for Oregon project has expanded far beyond that. Carrie Cool, executive director for the project launched in late 2012, had originally hoped to have 25 soccer fields open by the start of 2014 on 195 acres of land along Chemawa and Portland Roads, approximately across I-5 from Volcanoes Stadium. “We’re still working on it,” Cool told the Keizertimes earlier this month. “We will see it through. It’s a whole process. It’s not easy.” That’s because Cool and other 25 fields project leaders have been forming partnerships with members of the agricultural community, with a focus on research that can be done. That has included conversations with people like Steve Reid, a researcher at Oregon-based DLF Pickseed. “We talked about the implications for chemical research like fertilizers used on all parks,” Cool said. “There are implications for using better and less chemicals. We talked about machinery research. Then we talked about public education and more. We talked about all of these potential uses for the fields. There’s nothing like it in the world to have a living laboratory for a sports field. (Reid) said it is like a researcher’s dream come true.” Cool has also had conversations with officials at Oregon State University regarding turf management. Two...

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