Day: March 25, 2015

Nuttbrock proposes to spruce up what he built

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Jerry Nuttbrock is quite familiar with the Keizer Rotary Amphitheater at Keizer Rapids Park. After all, he helped build it and he lives pretty close to it. Now, Nuttbrock wants to class it up. “I’ve been looking for a project to sink my teeth into since doing the amphitheater,” Nuttbrock said at the March 10 Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting. “I want to propose one, about some ideas I’ve been having in my head.” Nuttbrock, who recently cleared 198 trees in the orchards at KRP for the Big Toy playground project (as featured in the March 6 Keizertimes), showed Parks Board members sketches of his plans. “Let’s call it improvements in amenities related to the amphitheater,” Nuttbrock said. “Maybe you could call it a patio for the amphitheater. The sketch I put together has five components. I think of them as separate. They can be funded separately, even though they go together. I want to pitch each item. I’ve hung a price on four of them. “This would be done subject to getting volunteers,” he added. “I’d be willing to spearhead it like I did with the amphitheater, to get a team of volunteers which would drive the costs down. This is sort of a wish list. Think of it as a mini-master plan around the amphitheater.” Nuttbrock’s proposed amenities are...

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Plans progress for sand volleyball courts

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes In terms of new amenities at Keizer Rapids Park, most of the attention has been paid to the upcoming Big Toy playground project. That’s not the only amenity being worked on, however. Last September, Hans Schneider pledged his willingness to put in a new sand volleyball court at KRP. Schneider brought the topic up again at the March 10 Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting. “Volleyball is a major part of fall sports, but there’s no place for kids to play it in Keizer except a gym,” he said. “We’re hoping to get two or three sand volleyball courts at Keizer Rapids Park, which could be used year-round. We’ve been doing quite a bit of research. We’re trying to make a place where kids can go to play volleyball. We’re trying to create a program to teach (younger) kids how to play volleyball. “My wife and I have pledged $20,000 to build these courts,” Schneider added. “It’s so generations to come can play volleyball here. Once the court are built, there is virtually no maintenance. You would need new nets every three to five years. They last if they’re built right.” Parks Board member Dylan Juran asked about the current “ragtag” sand volleyball court. “That court wasn’t built properly,” Schneider said. “We don’t use it. These would be professional courts.” Bill Lawyer,...

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