Day: March 20, 2015

Audio journal presents look into Celt senior’s life

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes In January, I met with McNary High School senior David Henderson and handed him a small voice recorder. We’d never met before, but I wanted to know more about his life as a high school student. “My first thought was it would be interesting, but I wasn’t sure about putting my thoughts out there for other people,” said David, 17. His second thought was: “Why me?” If he had asked me that question at the time, I would have told him I wanted the exactly type of person who would ask that question. In the end, he answered it for himself. “I figured that maybe I was qualified to do it. I’m sure there are other more interesting people, but why not me?” Henderson said. For about three weeks, David recorded some of his thoughts about school, life and faith, among other topics. The result is the first episode of McNary Radio Diaries. You can listen to it online at The goal of McNary Radio Diaries is to give voice to students who might otherwise not see their name in our paper. The ones who may not speak up often in class, but still have a lot on their plates and even more on their minds. Initially, David found it odd to walk his dogs while talking into a recorder,...

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It’s the people

While parts of the world seem to be losing their heads and spinning out of control, Keizer keeps its cool and continues on a modest path. We’e a community that celebrates our kids  we  roll up our sleeves when our schools and organziations need help. The continuing crisis caused by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraqi is troubling, but it is far away. What goes on with Congress between the two parties and with the Obama Adminsistration is maddening but that too is far away. When national and international events are out of our control we hunker down and concentrate on our local neighborhoods. That is certainly in evidence here in Keizer in winter 2015. Keizer schools have been and will hold a variety of fundraisers from the Whiteaker Middle School Cabaret that raised money for that school’s choir programs and travel expenses. Clear Lake Elementary held its annual auction recently to raise funds for an asphalt athletic track for students as well as local neighbors who utilize it for their fitness routies. Earlier this month the McNary High School Fine Arts fundraising event, Knight of Arts, sold out and raised close to $40,000 for the arts at the school including a closed-camera system for the Ken Collins Audtiorium. The Keizer Parks Foundation held its annual Pinot for the Parks wine event last week, as well. The foundation’s...

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Paper is balanced

To the Editor:  Regarding Jim Keller’s view (Letter to the Editor, March 13) about liberal bias on the part of the Keizertimes, I note in the same paper, approximately 24 column inches devoted to supporting Keller’s conservative views (Michael Gerson) and 15 column inches reflecting what would appear to a liberal view (Gene McIntyre). The bias, if there is one, seems to be the other way (like Fox News?) Art Burr...

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GOP should be equal partner

It is hard to know what a Republican stands for these days.  With a newly won Congressional majority the only unifying theme in bills they have introduced seems to be “How can we harm Obama?”  It hasn’t helped them much so far. Each time they defer to the more extreme Tea Party bloc they get embarrassed. The attempt to link destruction of President Obama’s immigration actions with Department of Homeland Security funding went down in flames. Now they are dealing with an ill-considered letter to the leaders of Iran signed by 47 Senators. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark, barely more than two months in the Senate, composed a letter to Iran’s leaders warning them that any agreement restraining development of nuclear weapons might be thrown out by the next President.     Senator Cotton is on record believing that only a military solution will be effective. He also revealed an incomplete understanding of Constitutional law and geographical uncertainty about which country might include Tehran. The real surprise is that senior Republican senators hitched their wagons to this very green star.  They have elevated a young senator who got some percentage of Arkansas’ votes to the same footing as our President. It makes them seem unhinged by their hatred for Obama. This act diminishes America.  In showing contempt for President Obama and Iran they also show contempt for China, France, Germany,...

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Promise of kicker refund isn’t so certain

Some good news for Oregon’s beleaguered middle class and those whose incomes are even lower: Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis has announced that there will be a re-awakening of the kicker law to the tune of $349 million. Of course, as always when the government hints of a break for taxpayers, this may be a false alarm if revenue ends up coming in short of the prediction. Whatever the case, it means that we must wait until the current budget cycle ends at midnight on June 30 to find out whether our tax burden has been lightened.  Possibly, divine intervention must occur to make it happen; however, if it does, it will mean a 5.1 percent rebate on an Oregon taxpayer’s liability in taxes to the state in 2014, figured after deductions were computed to determine the amount owed. Among the 50 states, Oregon’s the only one with a “two percent kicker” law, requiring the entire surplus to be returned to the taxpayers if actual tax collections are greater than two percent of what was predicted when the two-year budget cycle began.  Should your head spin a bit in trying to sink your teeth into how this is done, be aware that this money will not, as has been the practice in past years, be delivered by way of a special check sent to each taxpayer.  Rather, your 5.1 percent “refund” will be realized by you when you file by April 15, 2016, your...

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