Day: March 2, 2015

Girls finish GVC in third place

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The McNary High School girls varsity basketball team started its game against Sprague High School with an unanswered 17-point run Friday, Feb. 20. Despite the feat, neither players nor coaches were exactly thrilled with the play in the 70-25 win. “We handled them well by going through the motions. It wasn’t until the last quarter that we got the energy up,” said Vanessa Hayes, a McNary junior. “We had a bit of a talk at halftime that changed things.” While the Lady Celts were never in danger, Head Coach Derick Handley wanted to see the team putting more pressure on the Olys. “Our mindset has been too much what the other team is bringing to the game and not on being us and making the other team make adjustments,” Handley said. “In the first half, we were relying on the other team to miss their shots instead of forcing them to miss their shots.” The lopsided score allowed McNary to clear the bench twice in the game. Sydney Hunter led all scoring with 25 points; Hayes had 11; Madi Hingston had six; Kaelie Flores had 10; Jasmine Ernest and Kailey Doutt put up four points each; Paige Downer and Lauren Hudgins had three apiece; and Emma Jones and Kelsey Koenig had two each. Jones said defense in the second half improved exponentially....

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MHS scribes will see their stories on stage

BY ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes In a couple of weeks, Morgan Hoag and Alohi Tombleson will be published playwrights. Given that they are a junior and sophomore at McNary High School, respectively, this is no small feat. “Ohmigosh, I feel like I’m going to die of happiness,” said Hoag, who trembled with excitement when asked about how it feels leading up to the debut of McNary’s One Acts Festival. “It feels awesome because a lot of times when you’re writing, you feel like it’s terrible, and then to have someone else enjoy it and pick it to be performed is amazing.” Hoag’s story takes place in the aftermath of a fatal car accident as the main character struggles to move forward. Hoag and Tombleson both wrote one act plays as part of a playwriting class last fall and were selected by Dallas Myers, the school’s drama director, to have their work performed in the One Act Festival which debuts Friday, March 13. Tombleson was an early selection for her script The Courtroom in which the main character ends up on trial by the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. “We only had to include one of the horsemen for the assignment, but I read an article about another play that took place in a courtroom and that opened up the possibility of using all of them,” Tombleson said....

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