Day: February 26, 2015

Cake icon goes with ganache

Oregon’s chocolate cake expert Gerry Frank kept a poker face as he tasted and scored the 15 entries in the Willamette Lutheran Retirement Community’s Taste of Home Chocolate Cake Contest Feb. 11. Frank, who judges the state fairground chocolate cake contest each year, was invited by Willamette Lutheran’s marketing director Kay Hayes to judge their contest. Aside from being a judge of cakes he owns Konditorei, Salem’s premier cake cafe. The contest was open to residents as well as the public. The display table was laden with 15 cakes of various sizes,  heights and color (one used white chocolate frosting to approximate an igloo). Frank started with the first entry and made his way down the table, carefully tasting each entry. In between bites he recalled stories of past state fair cake judging and giving tips about making a good cake. “It should be fresh and moist. Start with the best ingredients,” he said. The cake he deemed the winner was baked by Joanne Dibble of Salem whose cake featured ganache and large strawberries. She won a trophy and a gift certificate. After the contest all the cakes (with a tiny slice missing) were moved into Willamette Lutheran’s lobby for residents and visitors to...

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Councilors set short-term, long-term goals in session

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Keizer City Councilors can see where they are going. Councilors spent their work session on Feb. 9 fine tuning goals they hope to accomplish in the next two years, as well as long-term goals. The work session built upon goals talked about in a similar meeting back in December. The goals are expected to be formally adopted during one of the regular council meetings in March, most likely the March 2 meeting. One of the main new short-term goals is Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) expansion, which was previously listed as a long-term goal. “Is there a consensus to move that to short-term?” Mayor Cathy Clark asked councilors. City Manager Chris Eppley noted progress being made towards that. “It’s almost impossible for that goal not to occur,” Eppley said. “There is additional work to accomplish before that, like we have to do transportation planning outside the UGB area in the area the UGB will likely be added. We are applying for grants to do that. It’s expensive work. The state keeps promising us grants to do it, but we keep missing it by one of two. We’ve applied three or four times now. We’re hoping fifth time is the charm.” In regards to a timing question from councilor Brandon Smith, Eppley said UGB is an expansion. “We’re ready to start on it,” Eppley said....

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