Day: February 6, 2015

Big Toy public relations machine is ramping up

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Just four months before construction, expect to see public relations crank up for the Big Toy project at Keizer Rapids Park. During Tuesday’s monthly Community Build Task Force meeting, held 126 days before the scheduled June 10 construction start date, plans for renewed publicity were discussed. Evan Christopher, the son of former mayor Lore Christopher, announced he is taking over as public relations lead on the project from Brandon Smith and will be assisted by Tanya Hamilton. “Tanya and I met with Mark (Caillier),” Christopher said, referring to the project general coordinator. “Tanya is comfortable with me taking the publicity leadership role I had before Brandon took it over. The first thing we want to do is reach out to the Keizertimes. I have looked at Facebook. I don’t love social media, but I am familiar with it. I have some ideas but I need information, such as about fundraising. I want some ideas so I can make posts about it, who’s donated and how much is still needed. Public relations needs to have someone actively working on it.” Task force chair Marlene Quinn agreed and noted how fellow councilor Smith has several other pressing issues on his plate right now. “We need someone active on this,” Quinn said. “I’m glad you and Tanya are taking this on.” Christopher said goals were laid...

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Loss to Saxons knots up first place in GVC

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Prior to a big game with the South Salem High School Saxons, Ryan Kirch, head coach of the McNary High School varsity basketball team, wanted three things from the Celtics: guarding well, guarding without fouls and the ability to slow down the pace of the game. He got one of three. The resulting 71-62 loss means the Celts drop from the top of the Greater Valley Conference into a tie for first with the Saxons. “They’re really not like anybody else we face,” Kirch said. Throughout the game Tuesday, Feb. 3, McNary’s athletes played a relatively clean defensive game while the Saxons racked up fouls. But South never let up on offense and, even when the Celts were trying to slow things down, they would end up rushing shots or outrunning dribbles creating turnovers that played right into South’s ability to score quickly. South also locked down McNary’s top shooters Tregg Peterson and Harry Cavell. Peterson, who had been averaging 16 points per game, experienced long droughts in his 11-point total for the night. Cavell managed only 13. One of bright spots in the game was a stronger start for the Keizer team than it has had in a while. The Celts edged South to take a 15-14 lead by the first period buzzer, but South spent the rest of the night...

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Keizer’s finest

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce bestowed awards on five deserving Keizer people at its annual First Citizen Awards banquet last week. Former Mayor Lore Christopher was named Keizer’s First Citizen;  Joe Egli was named merchant of the year; Krina Lee and Chuck Lee were honored as winners of the service to education award.  Dan Clem, who will be moving to Keizer soon but works at the Keizer Chamber working on governmental affairs issues was chosen by Audrey Butler for this year’s president’s award. A committee chooses the winners in all the categories except the president’s award. Lore Christopher, who served 14 years a mayor, was named First Citizren as much for what she did as mayor as what she hopes to do in Keizer—espeically in the field of the arts. For the first time the Chamber had five nominees for each award. Christopher’s fellow nominees were Mark Caillier, Don Conat, Rich Duncan and Richard Walsh—any could have won this honor and it would have been a great choice. Former city councilor Joe Egli was named Merchant of the Year, an honor given to a local businessperson who has volunteered for the benefit of Keizer business in general and the Keizer Chamber of Commerce in particular. Egli is a former president: of Keizer Rotary Club and the Keizer Chamber of Commerce. Aside from his day job as an agent with...

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CERT needs members

To the Editor: Keizer CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) will be holding their spring training class beginning Thursday, March 5, at 6:30 p.m. The classes will run eight weeks from 6:30 to 9 p.m. in the Community Room at the Keizer Fire Station, 661 Chemawa Rd. N. The cost is $60 and will include training, a backpack, helmet, vest and various supplies. Keizer CERT is a non-profit organization with the primary purpose of providing assistance to our community in the event of an emergency, man-made or natural disaster.  The CERT program is organized under FEMA, which provides the framework of training. We work closely with Keizer Fire District, Marion County Emergency Management, surrounding CERT teams, city of Keizer and other organizations. Our members come from all walks of life, from young adult to retired. No experience needed, just a willing spirit. You may have seen our bright yellow CERT trailer out in the community. In 2014, we provided informational booths,  traffic control and /or medical assistance at the Keizer Iris Festival, RIVERfair, Brooks Steam Up, CycleCross, Oktoberfest, and worked with many other community groups. We also received training and provided support for our local firefighters in a “Burn to Learn” exercise, support at Keizer Fire Department’s open house, help with warming shelters, snow removal and numerous other community events. Our fundraising to cover the on-going costs of classes, equipment, medical supplies and other...

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To the Editor: What is going on in Oregon? We have a person in the governor’s chair that lacks scruples and good judgment. Governor Kitzhaber’s continuing episode with Cylvia Hayes is mindboggling. He claims he was blind sided about her past when it appeared in a newspaper article. The article pointed out her sordid background about marrying an Ethiopian so he could obtain a green card and her desire to grow illegal pot on a Washington farm, among other things. That was some time ago. What amazes me is he continued their relationship and is even sharing the governor’s office and who knows what else, with this woman. Well, he is in love. Using the governor’s office to gain $180,000 of outside work is a conflict of interest, I would think. How long does the Ethics Commission need to decide to investigate and determine wrong doing? Remember three of the seven members on the commission are appointed by the governor. No doubt Ms.Hayes is pretty, smart and ambitious but she has no regards for the law. People around the governor knew he was allowing something unethical to happen but did not come forward. This happens all of the time as no political party is exempt.  There are too many people in power positions that think they can brush the law aside. All too many times these people use attorneys’...

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