Month: January 2015

Permanent Armageddon

By E.J. DIONNE JR. Meg Greenfield, the late Washington Post editorial page editor, counseled against writing in “High C” all the time. By this she meant that an editorialist or columnist who expressed equally noisy levels of indignation about everything would lack credibility when something truly outrageous came along that merited a well-crafted high-pitched scream. We now seem to be living in the Age of High C, a period when every fight is Armageddon, every foe is a monster, and every issue is either the key to national survival or the doorway to ruin. This habit seems especially pronounced in the way President Obama’s adversaries treat him. It’s odd that so many continue to see Obama as a radical and a socialist even as the Dow hits record levels and the wealthy continue to do very nicely. If he is a socialist, he is surely the most incompetent practitioner in the history of Marxism. The reaction to Obama is part of a larger difficulty that involves pretending we are philosophically far more divided than we are. In all of the well-off democracies, even people who actually call themselves socialists no longer claim to have an alternative to the market as the primary creator and distributor of goods and services. The boundaries on the left end of what’s permissible in the public debate have been pushed well toward the center....

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Building the American dream from within

Black-white race relations may improve by way of succeeding generations of Americans but there appears little hope that’ll soon happen dramatically.  The election of Barack Obama gave those who think positively about the prospect for improvements some measure of encouragement. However, events in Washington, D.C. and wider, exampled by the presence of resolute naysayers from the Southern states who deny the president any support, have helped to slide race relations backwards. Meanwhile, there are conditions of life among blacks in America that could be vastly improved by their own efforts, should they organize around such relevant community objectives.  Reference here is to the fact that blacks earn less money than whites, graduate from college in fewer cases and make up our prison population in disproportionately higher numbers.  They are unemployed at rates over 11 percent, which is twice the national average, and more than twice that of the white population. It’s recognized that more and more blacks have been able to earn college degrees and improve their prospects but far too many blacks get left behind to lead lives of desperate depravity.  One of the central problems is that in too many black neighborhoods those folks living there are upward-bound deprived and lead economically bankrupt existences. Mainly, their prospects may be most accurately described as slim and none. Now, then, how could things change for them?  How about getting together in collective efforts and pulling together for the sake of every family and individual...

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The best in sports 2014

Boys soccer ‘miracle’ season In 2014, there was no bigger story in Keizer team sports than the McNary High School boys varsity soccer team. Out of the gate in September, the Celts began upsetting or tying top opponents and it led to them being ranked fourth in state rankings by the end of the first two weeks. During the next two months, the Celtics would go from dominating lesser opponents to rallying against tougher ones and coming out with wins or ties. McNary didn’t lose a game until the first week of October, but managed to bounce right back. The season reached its apex with a 5-4 win over the South Salem High School Saxons later that month. McNary trailed for much of the first half and was down 4-0 before junior Paulo Reyes sparked a rally. With 1:45 left in the game, a Saxon player grabbed a handful jersey as Celt Mario Garicia-Garibay near the Saxon goal. McNary was awarded a penalty kick that sophomore Gustavo Villalvazo netted. The Celts went on to win the Greater Valley Conference, the first league title for the team in a decade. Keizer 15-year-old sets state, national powerlifting records When it came to individual efforts in 2014, there was no doubt who our top pick for the year would be: Leilang Salang. In early December, Salang, 15,  captured state and national records in...

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