Day: January 29, 2015

School board calls for increased state funding

By HERB SWETT For the Keizertimes A statewide campaign to improve education in Oregon won Salem-Keizer School Board approval Tuesday, Jan. 13. The board approved the Promise of Oregon resolution, which recognizes the recent turnaround in state funding for schools, calls for further progress in funding, and supports improved curriculums and school facilities. The resolution recognizes “unstable and inadequate funding that has resulted in thousands of teacher and staff layoffs, unacceptably large class sizes and one of the shortest school years in the country.” It is part of the state’s 40-40-20 program, which has the goal of 40 percent of Oregonians holding bachelors’ degrees, 40 percent holding associate degrees or other meaningful post-secondary credentials and the remaining 20 percent having high school diplomas or GEDs (general education development certificates). Also approved were grants totaling $212,642, most of it from the Oregon Department of Education. ODE has provided $125,000 to create a single online portal to manage a teacher-leader evaluation system, as well as $12,558 for two co-facilitators for the Oregon Mentor Project. The other grants are $55,000 from Early Learning Hub, Inc., for kindergarten readiness and $20,084 for after-school programs at Leslie and Walker middle schools. Superintendent Christy Perry announced the hiring of Terry Gallagher as temporary principal of Wright Elementary School and Robert Silva as the district’s director of technology. Gallagher is a former principal of Lake Labish...

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Doggone good (gluten-free) treats

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes When Tena Northern got her husband Dawayne a puppy for Christmas 2013, she also got herself a ticket to a new business venture. Buddy the weimaraner is the first pet the couple has had in 30 years. When Tena found herself unemployed for the second time due to company downsizing, the Keizer resident was pushed towards becoming self-employed. That led to her new business: Buddy and Friends, which makes gluten-free gourmet dog treats. “I found I had to go gluten-free in April,” Tena said. “I feel so much better. I did research on how much wheat is in foods. I wondered if any pets were going through this. I did some research and was astounded by how many pets have itching or skin issues due to their diet. That’s where this whole thing came about. The employment office is giving me a chance and I’m running with it.” Buddy, who was far too excited to sit still for an interview, didn’t just lend his name to the company. He also has his own Facebook (Dogbook?) page and gets to try the treats. “Buddy is going to eat anything I give him,” Tena acknowledged. “Buddy doesn’t have a favorite flavor. He likes them all. I always try the treats on friends’ pets as well.” Tena started the business in August and has three flavors...

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