Day: January 23, 2015

Titans give Celts biggest scare yet on hardwood

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The McNary High School boys varsity basketball team didn’t get much time to adjust to having a mark on its back. Celtic players and coaches knew that competing with West Salem High School Tuesday, Jan. 13, was going to be a tall order. Man-for-man, the Titans are one of the tallest teams in the Greater Valley Conference and they used it to great effect against the Celtics. McNary won 50-44, but trailed the Titans from the second minute to the 27th minute. “When you play a big team like that rebounds are tougher and the shots are contested a lot more,” said Tregg Peterson, a McNary senior. Celt junior Trent Van Cleave put McNary on the board first with a point from the free throw line, but it was the last lead McNary would enjoy until the fourth quarter. West kept their defenders bunched up under the net creating pressure for the Celtics when handling the ball and bad looks on the shots McNary players managed to get off. When the Celtics managed to grab a rebound around 6-foot-11 Titan Christian Russell, West destroyed their press. The Titans ended the first frame with a 10-point lead. The second period didn’t get much better for McNary. The Keizer team edged its way back into the fray cutting West’s lead to four points on...

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Big Toy funding needs kick

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Money continues to come in for the Big Toy project, but it’s been trickling in. In a Keizertimes story last August, it was noted $197,400 had been raised for the project, or 47 percent towards the goal of $416,509.80. Fast forward five months and the raised amount has inched up to $205,948.86, an increase of a little more than $8,500. That means 49 percent of the goal, with $210,561 left to raise. The Big Toy is scheduled to be built at Keizer Rapids Park by community volunteers over a five-day span, from June 10 to 14. Marion County Commissioner Janet Carlson, who is co-chairing the Community Build Task Force fundraising committee with Richard Walsh, noted efforts to raise money were put on hold until two main things fell into place in November. “There are a couple of dynamics going on,” Carlson said. “One, the fundraising committee wasn’t doing much while the master planning (for KRP) was going on. Everybody agreed to wait until we know where it is. The other thing that slowed us down was developing the website ( We wanted specific information on the website about the different levels of funding. We didn’t have many fundraising committee meetings until November and December. We took a break on it.” The Big Toy project initially got rolling in late 2012 and was to...

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Station proposal okayed

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes A proposal for new apartments and a retirement community in Area C of Keizer Station was approved unanimously Tuesday night by the Keizer City Council. Whether that means the project was approved quickly or not depends on the perspective. The joint proposal by Mountain West Investment (with the 180 apartments) and Bonaventure Senior Living (the 154-unit retirement community) was discussed by councilors for the first time Tuesday. Following a public hearing and public testimony, councilors closed the record and voted 6-0 in favor, with Dennis Koho absent. Representatives from the two companies first met with city officials in September and soon after started meeting with neighbors. From the perspective of a large new project, getting approval at the first meeting less than four months after an initial pre-conference meeting is quick. On the other hand, the approval marked a key point in a long-running issue. A previous proposal to do commercial building – a rumored 116,000 square foot Walmart was the lightning rod – a few years ago was vigorously protested, in particular by Kevin Hohnbaum and his Keep Keizer Livable group. The plans from 2011 were hotly debated. A revised plan from the fall of 2012 was eventually passed, but nothing ever came of that project. The previous groundwork in terms of a master plan for the land was utilized as the...

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