Day: January 21, 2015

Holiday card contest is being worked on

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes It was just a couple of nights before Christmas and details over the annual Christmas cards were being fussed over. Not in the normal sense, however. For one, this was the Keizer Arts Commission meeting at city hall on Dec. 23. For another, the card in question is one for the 2015 holiday season. KAC member Beth Melendy has been working on a 2015 holiday card contest. As part of that, artists are being sought to submit artwork expressing the holiday season in Keizer. The selected art will be used as the city’s 2015 holiday greeting card. The winning entrant will earn a $25 gift card to Michael’s Arts and Crafts. When Melendy originally brought up the idea last fall, the scramble was on to quickly get the contest together for the fast approaching holiday season. However, it was decided to wait until this coming year. Since then, one of the main points of discussion has been when the deadline should be. Former Mayor Lore Christopher, who chairs the KAC, had pushed for deadlines to be moved up so commission members would have time to make a decision. “I only changed some dates,” Melendy said when presenting the updated proposal. “The first proposal was (a deadline of) Friday, Oct. 16. Lore wanted it earlier. Now it will be Friday, Sept. 18.” Melendy has...

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Big Toy group aiming to avoid the big swell

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes The general area is known for the Big Toy. However, the exact placement of the play structure scheduled to be built by community volunteers in June at Keizer Rapids Park was still up for discussion last week. Mark Caillier, general coordinator for the Big Toy, gave an update during the Jan. 6 Community Build Task Force meeting. “I want to talk about the Big Toy location,” Caillier said. “I thought we would have something to look at, but you have to picture it in your mind.” As approved by the Keizer City Council in December, the Big Toy will be going in south of two softball fields, in part of the current orchard area. “The apex of the circle is 600 feet of softball fields,” Caillier said. “We’ve got to have space in between the fields. The Big Toy is at that apex. What we found is if you look at the dog park parking (to the west) and extend that east, where we want to put our parking, you work your way east and by doing that we take a swat out of the orchard. You cut the orchard in half. We need to make sure there’s enough space so farm machinery can get through the orchards.” Caillier said with the parking moved over, that would create about a 100-yard walk to...

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