Day: January 6, 2015

Councilors revise ‘99 truancy ordinance

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes It was a blast from the past for members of the Keizer City Council meeting. At their Dec. 15 meeting, councilors revisited 1999 ordinances regarding truancy for youth in Keizer. City Attorney Shannon Johnson noted he had discussions with police chief John Teague about truancy and curfew ordinances. That resulted in a new truancy ordinance which revises what happens to a juvenile who is out of school, as state law requires children ages 7 to 18 who have not graduated to be in school. The new ordinance also allows authorized school district personnel to issue citations similar to state law for students in violation of the ordinance. The curfew is in effect during regular school hours. Due to the minor changes to the curfew ordinance, Johnson recommended only an amendment, not a repeal of the 1999 ordinance. Johnson noted the presumptive fine for violating the ordinance will be $200. “The state has the level at $320,” he said. “We felt that was on the high side, so we changed it to $200.” Councilor Cathy Clark, who takes over as mayor next week, had flashbacks to nearly 20 years ago. “Wow, talk about a time trip,” Clark said. “When this issue first came up, it was one of the first times I came to testify to the city. As a homeschool parent, truancy talk...

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Arts Commission works on policies

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes One contract per person, or one contract per group? That was a key point of discussion during the Dec. 23 Keizer Arts Commission meeting. Nate Brown, director of Community Development for Keizer, brought up the topic early in the meeting. “I suggest we change our policies a little bit so that staff has some authority approving individual art pieces, as long as you approve the show and the concept of the show.” Rick Day, co-chair of KAC who ran the meeting until chair Lore Christopher arrived, agreed with the idea. “We said we generally approve of the idea, but we know staff will keep us out of hot water,” Day said. Brown said policies such as expectations of the type of art would have to be ironed out, such as no nudity in art appearing at the Keizer Civic Center. “There’s no reason staff can’t implement those policies,” Brown said. Day once again agreed. “Nate, we were in tune to begin with and even more so now,” Day said. “We approve a show based on the display and staff can carry out the will. The nudity issue may not be the case five years from now. You’re carrying out the will of the council at the time.” Brown said among the policies to look at would be whether all pieces in a group’s...

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