Month: December 2014

Progress in KYSA, KLL talks

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Keizer Youth Sports Association (KYSA) and Keizer Little League (KLL) are still two entities. However, signs point to a renewed effort to merge the two youth sports groups. One such sign: the two groups won’t both be offering softball programs in 2015; only KLL will be doing so. “We did vote as a board last week and voted to give softball to Keizer Little League, effective for 2015,” new KYSA president Andrew Copeland said on Monday. “When we go to register, we will include that information. I think it will work for both organizations. It’s better for the community to have a larger rec league. All parts of softball will go to KLL. KYSA will not be running a softball program at all.” Jamie Vasas, a KLL board member who also serves as the KLL webmaster in addition to helping with other issues, confirmed that is the case. “It sounds like that is what is happening,” Vasas said on Monday. “That’s what KYSA voted on. It sounds like KLL is doing all the softball. Everyone who signs up for softball for rec will have to do it under KLL. We always offered softball. Last year KYSA offered softball and so did we. They are not offering it this year. It was nothing we told them to do.” Vasas is estimating at least 200...

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What will new year bring?

What amazing or tragic events  will 2015 bring to the world? Two thousand fourteen has been a year of challenges for people throughout the world—Syrians, Ukrainians, Russians, west Africans, the middle class in America and victims of violence anywhere in the world. At year’s end we were distracted by a tinpot dictator’s rant about a Seth Rogen movie and opened Sony Pictures internal communications via a cyberattack. Will that be considered one of the major stories of 2014? It certainly doesn’t top revelations of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the use of torture by the Untied States in the years following the Sept. 11 attacks. Ebola swept three countries in west Africa. One person who had traveled from that area died in a Dallas hospital while others were hospitalized but survived. There was fear that the incurable Ebola virus disease affect millons of Americans—it didn’t. On the economic side the American stock market is reaching record heights, corporate profits are up, unemployment is down and gas is nearing $2.50 a gallon for the first time in years. That scenario is contrasted with the plunging ruble that is sending Russia’s economy into recession. But not all is bad news. Most positve news came from individuals doing good deeds. On a larger scale, man landed a space probe on a comet zooming 40,000 miles per hour through the cosmos and...

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