Day: December 19, 2014

Fundraiser for Payton Williams

To the Editor: On behalf of the McNary Celtics varsity girls and boys teams, we would like to say a huge thank you to all who came out and supported the Celts for Payton Williams night last Friday, Dec. 12.  Over $1,200 was raised for the Williams family.  The family was overwhelmed and very touched by Keizer’s support and generosity towards their family! Payton was released from the hospital earlier this week and continues to recuperate at home. Go Celts!  Stacie Peterson...

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Letter writer could not be more wrong

To the Editor: Thank you, Martin Doerfler, for your thoughtful and well researched letter concerning the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo.—not! I recognize that you are entitled to your opinion (opinions are like belly buttons—everybody has one), but when you ignore facts and actual evidence to further your social justice agenda, you don’t contribute anything worthwhile to the discussion. In fact, you fog the issue with half-truths and ridiculous conclusions regarding the facts. Fact: Brown’s “cigar theft” actually became robbery (a felony) when he attacked the store clerk. Fact: There is no evidence to dispute the fact that Brown also attacked the officer and attempted to take away the officer’s weapon. Brown’s blood was found inside the patrol car, so he clearly had part of his body inside the car. And while the officer is fighting to keep control of his weapon, is he supposed to ask for a time out so he can roll the window up? Are you serious? Fact 3: The grand jury was given all of the evidence, even evidence that would likely have been excluded by a trial judge, and still didn’t find probable cause that Officer Wilson violated any Missouri laws. So Martin, get a grip. Being a radio DJ has not likely ever put you in a position to make a life or death decision. And since you don’t seem to...

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Get back to true meaning of holiday

To the Editor: What is Christmas all about and why do we celebrate it? In Bethlehem, a baby was born and his name was Jesus and his mother was Mary. There were shepherds, men had come to see Him. Also, wisemen traveled a long distance to bring gifts and to worship Him. That should tell you something. And yet we hear so little about Him at Christmas. Some churches will have Christmas programs. The stores have very few items regarding Him; the schools do not mention Him and some do no know who Jesus is. They all talk about Santa Claus. What has happened? What will become of the next generation? Will the name Jesus be completely replaced? In comparison, what are the credentials of Santa Claus? Can we get back to the real meaning of Christmas? Etheldra Tjernagel...

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The arrogance of liberal elites

By MICHAEL GERSON     Jonathan Gruber—the source of more smoking guns than the battle of Gettysburg—recently appeared before a hostile House committee. The good professor, you might recall, is an MIT economist who played a significant (and paid) role in producing and defending the Affordable Care Act. He also later admitted, in an astonishing variety of settings, that the law was written in a “tortured way” to hide tax increases and other flaws. “Lack of transparency,” he cheerfully conceded, “is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.” At the hearing, some Republicans seemed oddly focused on Gruber’s profit motive, as though a real scandal must involve venality. Democrats attempted to salvage the credibility of Obamacare by throwing the witness to the wolves. Rep. Elijah Cummings declared Gruber’s past statements “disrespectful,” “insulting, “stupid” and “absolutely stupid.” But the problem for Democrats is that Gruber is not stupid. By all accounts, he is knowledgeable, candid and willing, on occasion, to criticize the Obama administration—an advocate for Obamacare without being a shill. But he is perfectly representative of a certain approach to politics that is common in academic circles, influential in modern liberalism and destructive to the Democratic Party. “My own inexcusable arrogance,” Gruber told the committee, “is not...

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Who will investigate Cylvia Hayes?

In matters that represent integrity in Oregon state government, it would have been reassuring to the citizens if Governor John Kitzhaber’s employees, such as his spokesperson, Melissa Navas, and his aide, Mary Rowinski, would have resigned when they were asked to perform services for the governor’s fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, that were at least marginally outside of ethical conduct by state employees.  According to documents until recently withheld by the governor’s office and now reported by The Oregonian, Navas could have stood her ground on principle, if not state ethics, if she would have threatened to resign rather than provide Hayes’ benefits at state cost and Rowinski would have said “No!” to caring for Hayes’ cats at Mahonia Hall. Then there’s another staff person, Jan Murdock, the governor’s executive assistant who drove the Hayes’ dog between Portland and Salem and spent the night on multiple occasions at Mahonia Hall to dog sit.  Further, she has also taken Hayes’ auto to a repair shop on the state’s time.  A state police officer and detective have driven the dog to locations at Hayes’ request.  What are the costs to Oregon taxpayers to assist Hayes with personal help? Murdock receives a state salary of $7,343 per month while the state police employees involved are paid between $6,000 and $8,000 per month by the taxpayer’s purse. The Oregonian and reported in a recent edition that a huge number of times that Hayes’ private work and work as the legally unrecognized ‘First Lady’ got muddled. Her billings have also included...

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