Day: December 8, 2014

Celt boys hit lanes with powerful line-up

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes With a potent mix of seasoned and new talent, the McNary High School boys varsity bowling team is set to outdo themselves this season. “Last season, we only missed the finals of the state tournament by a few pins and, this year, we’re better,” said Dan Kaplan, McNary head coach. The Celts are anchored by an experienced trio in Scott Bridger, Aaron Seth and Nick Blythe. Bridger rose to prominence after winning a gold medal at the State Games of America in 2013, Blythe bowled his first 300 game at the tender age of 13 and Seth basically grew up at Town & Country Bowling Center. His grandfather, Don Lebold, is the owner. In the team’s first pre-tournament leading up the district competition, it placed third, but that was actually better than Bridger thought they would do. “We were missing a lot of spares that day, so getting third was kind of a surprise,” Bridger said. “Our striking ability was pretty good, but we need to clean up the spares in the tournament this weekend.” Senior Jonathan Hill said the team made it through despite some lulls around the middle of the tournament. “The day started out well and then we dropped off, but we pulled through in the end,” he said. “This weekend, I want us to show that we have...

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Drug unit back in gear at KPD

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes The recent arrest of three people in a Keizer home has highlighted ongoing efforts by the Keizer Police Department to combat drug use. Police Chief John Teague has implemented several changes since taking over his duties in September 2013, including restarting the CRU (Community Response Unit) squad, bringing back a position formerly dedicated to the Salem Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) task force and shifting some patrol resources to investigations. Teague said bringing back Chris Nelson as a detective was needed, even though it negatively impacted the task force. “We didn’t have enough guys with him over there,” Teague said. “Chris is a tremendously gifted investigator. He’s investigating more than just drug trafficking. We are lucky to have him back with us.” While drug investigations aren’t the only things helped by the changes, Teague feels they certainly did benefit. “There were things not getting done,” he said. “Drug complaints were not being investigated reliably. For people calling about drug houses, this is affecting their lives and their neighborhood. We didn’t have the resources to go after it.” In January, the four-person CRU team, headed by sergeant Bob Trump, was brought back online after being dormant for several years. Other recent changes have included hiring a full-time crime analyst, having officers spend less time on reports for more mundane calls and more collaboration. “We re-approached...

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