Day: November 24, 2014

Drill duo seeks oohs, ahhs

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Two years later, Connor Hogan and Dawson Young can still vividly remember unpacking the dummy rifles they would become closely acquainted with. “They were shipped in from another program and I remember thinking how cool they were,” said Hogan. Since that day, the pair of McNary High School juniors has devoted a not insignificant amount of time to perfecting their armed drill routines, basically a marching performance that includes spinning and tossing the dummy rifles. When Young first heard that an Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps was taking root at McNary, he was quick to badger Hogan into joining with him. “During orientation, they told us there was an armed drill camp coming up, and we decided to go check it out,” Young said. At the camp, Hogan and Young were introduced to the basic elements of armed drill performance. It starts with learning how to spin an eight-and-a-half pound, off-center rifle around the wrist. “People think that it’s not that heavy, but then they pick it up,” said Hogan. “I think they really hooked us once they said we could do dual routines in competition. Then we were all in.” Hogan and Young gradually began building their own routines, which now include aerials (throwing the rifles in the air while spinning), passing the arms behind their backs, and tossing...

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WKNA president pushes for more buffer around Keizer Rapids Park

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Even before Rhonda Rich spoke, there was confusion as to whether or not she could. Rich, president of the West Keizer Neighborhood Association, came to Monday’s Keizer City Council meeting to talk about the recently altered buffer between Keizer Rapids Park and WKNA neighbors. Rich had previously hoped for a 75-foot buffer, but when councilors approved a revised KRP master plan on Nov. 3, the buffer stretching from the Willamette River to Chemawa Road was only 25 feet. Last Saturday, Rich sent an e-mail to councilors encouraging them to look at the property and see why the bigger buffer was needed. As Mayor Lore Christopher called Rich up during public comment at Monday’s meeting, the debate started as to whether or not comments could be made. “The hearing on the Keizer Rapids Park master plan has been closed,” city attorney Shannon Johnson said. “It’s not a quasi-judicial process, so you’re allowed to talk among yourselves. But there’s always a concern that if testimony is taken, there would be a question of fairness.” Christopher agreed. “I would say I really feel when you open a public hearing, you allow someone an extra bite of the apple,” she said. “People would feel we’ve given you an unfair advantage.” Councilor Dennis Koho saw both sides of the argument. “She can and has e-mailed us,” Koho said....

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