Day: September 6, 2014

Free roses available on Patriot Day

Keizer Florist invites you to receive one dozen free roses to mark Patriot’s Day on Thursday, Sept. 11. The public is invited to come to the store on Wednesday, Sept. 10 to get 12 roses, one to keep and 11 to give away to others to spread friendship, goodwill, unity and celebrating all our heroes. The store will open at 8 a.m. on Sept. 10 and will give out roses while supplies last; a total of 2,400 stems are available. Keizer Florist began the Patriot Day Rose project in 2013. The store is located at 631 Chemawa Rd. N.E. Volunteers are needed for anywhere between 15 minutes and all day on Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 8 and 9, to help prepare the flowers. Keizer Community Food Bank Donations will be accepted If you would to help to make this event,contact Julie at to partner and/or...

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Political cartoons

To the Editor: I find it troubling. Two fairly lengthy letters to the editor last week (Keizertimes, Aug. 29) on political cartoons bashed the publisher for his poor taste and radical Saul Alinsky leanings  in printing said cartoons.  I don’t understand the fuss. Political cartoons, by nature, are satirical and often imply philosophical questions on social, moral, ethical and political issues. More often than not, they cut right to the heart of the issue. They are nothing more than an opinion of the creator. You can either agree or disagree with their message.  Yet, we want to chastise a publisher for doing his job. One cartoon of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Aug. 8) showed him as a fat frumpy male patting the head of a female child (representing Gaza) telling her, “To prove we’re one of the good guys we have to keep killing you.”  This may well be a little over the top but what the cartoon said to me was Israel often acts like the neighborhood bully and the notion that they are one of the “good guys” could well be in question.”  Who are the good guys in the Middle East? I don’t know that there are any real “good guys.” Regardless of how you feel about the Israeli-Palestinian issue, why is that offensive? The second cartoon appeared on Aug.  22, showing an overweight, out-of-shape police...

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Koch brothers influence

To the Editor: I would like to recognize the Koch brothers for spending some of their billion dollars trying to influence how we vote in Oregon. It has been well documented that these billionaire brothers continue to try to manipulate how people vote in many state and federal elections. The reason they are spending their money is so government regulations that hurt their many industries are eliminated. It is the bottom line. Spending all that money is good for advertisers but not good for democracy. The Koch brothers could save money by just putting a $5 bill in an envelope and sending it to every voter in Oregon. If we think one vote for one dollar is a fair way to go, then we will receive the government that we deserve! Bill Quinn...

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Roland Herrera for city council

To the Editor: It is my extreme pleasure to endorse Roland Herrera for the Keizer City Council. For the 25 years I’ve known Roland, he has worked tirelessly in behalf of the city and its citizens – especially the young people. Years ago when we took the sixth grade students at Cummings Elementary to Outdoor School for a week, Roland was right there with us, morning and night. As our PE instructor, he made sure the students remained active but had fun doing all sorts of activities. Roland truly cares about the city and its people and is passionate about serving others. Please vote for Roland. You’ll be glad you did. Connie R. Johnson...

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State fair memories

To the Editor: My husband and I missed the state fair last summer. Instead of dodging piles of sheep shearing and licking the sticky residue of cotton candy from our fingers, Steve and I were in Roatan, scuba diving and following groups (pods? schools? flocks?) of squid. It was almost too hot to go on Sunday; I am notoriously cranky when it’s over 80 degrees and sweat starts to happen, but we ventured off, hoping for a breeze. We arrived just in time for the “All Alaskan Pig Races.” The arena was divided into four sections, and our group was assigned to cheer for a pig named Strawberry. It was not a good sign when Strawberry, with her pink racing bib, stubbornly attempted to crawl out of the chute to which she was assigned. Each pig was smaller than a cocker spaniel, with perk ears and eager snouts. When the chute was released, all four pigs dashed around the track with great enthusiasm, spurred on by the roar of the crowd. Strawberry took an early lead as she gallantly leapt over the first hurdle. No wagers were taken, so the members of the audience remained polite; Soapy Smith was the winner, Strawberry came in second.  If you missed them, don’t fret. The swine will be making an appearance at the Santa Cruz county fair in early October – mark...

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