Day: September 1, 2014

New homes on Bair proposed

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes The developer hoping to convert the “cow pasture” by Claggett Creek Park into apartments is also proposing a new subdivision on Bair Road. Mark Grenz with Multi-Tech Engineering has submitted an application to turn a 2.32 acre parcel by Bair Park into a new 12-lot subdivision. A hearing on the application was conducted recently by Cynthia Domas, Keizer Hearings Officer. The property in question is designated on the Keizer Comprehensive Plan map as Low Density Residential and is zoned Residential Single family. The property address is 1010 Bair Road NE. As proposed, lots would range in size from 5,704 square feet to 11,999 square feet. The average lot would be 6,946 square feet. Bill Lydon is listed as the property owner. In addition to the new homes, a new road would also be required, according to a city staff report. “Seven of the proposed lots within the subdivision will be served by a new street which will be constructed within the subdivision,” the report reads in part. “This new street will extend from Bair Road almost to the southern property line. No other connections from the site are warranted given the development of the property to the west and south are both developed with existing single family homes that preclude any logical connection from the subject property.” Plans indicate a cul-de-sac will be...

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A busy day for Keizer Police

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes From start to finish, Aug. 20 was a strange and busy day for the Keizer Police Department. It all started around 8 a.m. when a member of the KPD’s Community Response Unit (CRU) spoke with Angelica Maria Rodriguez, 33, who had been living illegally in a residence at 4795 Verda Lane NE. According to a release from the KPD, officers started getting complaints in January from neighbors regarding the residence, with complaints centering on damage to a neighboring fence, garbage piling up and numerous people coming and going at various hours. Officers determined the residence was in the foreclosure process and eventually became owned by Deutsche Bank. Rodriguez was established as living at the house, even though no evidence could be found that she had ever owned or rented the house. A representative from Deutsche Bank informed a CRU officer that Rodriguez was not permitted to occupy the house. In early August, when the CRU member went to the residence, Rodriguez refused to leave, citing “Occupy Portland” privileges. She refused to elaborate and only spoke through the closed front door. On Aug. 20, a CRU officer was at the front door when Leon John Brown of Salem, 56, came upon the scene and engaged in a struggle with the officer. During the struggle, Rodriguez came out of the house and assisted Brown. Both...

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